December 9, 2022

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The first show of the Theater in Front of the Block in 2022 – News from Mures, News Targu mures

The association “FACEM” invites the Târgumurese community to participate in the third edition of the “Theatre in Front of the Block” project, an itinerant popular theater show with Târgumurese artists. The show will have five open-air performances in five neighborhoods of Târgu Mureș, during the month of September.

The association “Facem” is a cultural organization that aims to organize projects and events for the development of young people from the Târgumures community.

The first show in this marathon will take place on Wednesday, September 7 from 7:00 p.m. in Izvor Park in the Tudor neighborhood.

Return of Kalo Dant from the Seventh World


The show “The Return of Kalo Dant from the Seventh World” is an adaptation of a gypsy fairy tale by the actress and playwright Carmen Ghiurco, a graduate of the University of Arts in Târgu Mureș.

The original story follows the evolutionary path of a young 20-year-old Roma from medieval Italy, who, after he considers that he has discovered enough of the earthly world, decides to set out for the Seventh World, the nearest world of the Sun, and which no one had reached until that moment. The adaptation made by Carmen Ghiurco proposes a story about the importance of dreaming and following your dreams no matter how many obstacles you face, imposed either by the nature of life or by society willing to limit you for superficial considerations or even because of some unconscious, unfounded fears, through a writing that intertwines comedy with dramatic moments in a unique way that conveys a powerful message.

The show is directed by Toni Nica, a young director who graduated from the University of Arts in Târgu Mureș, and the scenography is signed by Denisa Berceanu. The cast of the show includes the actors: Andreia Cîmpanu, Cristina Brumă, Denis Demian, Radu Tudoras and Dragoș Florea, also students and graduates of the University of Arts in Târgu Mureș.

“When we talk about folk theater, we don’t mean a show that contains music and folk costumes, but we mean a show that can be easily understood by anyone, that is accessible to most people. In other words, a popular theater performance must reach both experienced and first-time theatergoers. But how can this be achieved? What defines a show that manages to transcend the heterogeneity of the audience? There is no ready-made formula for this. From what I have observed until now, a popular theater performance is defined by a comic, direct, non-intellectual character, having a lively and dynamic relationship with the audience. How does this translate into practice? Go to “The Return of Kalo Dant from the Seventh World” and you will understand”, said the director Toni Nica.

About “Theatre in Front of the Block”

The “Theatre in Front of the Block” project aims to facilitate access to culture for the general public in the neighborhoods of Târgu Mureș, where the frequency of cultural events is low. At the same time, it is desired to normalize the presence of this way of artistic expression in the neighborhoods of the city, contributing to the revitalization of public spaces in all areas of the city and to attracting new audiences both for theater performances and for other types of cultural events whose defining element is the Outdoor.

No less important is the desire to bring to the people of Târgumures exciting shows with a high degree of entertainment, but which, at the same time, convey a relevant message for them by addressing themes and situations found in everyday life in our city. The performances proposed throughout the three editions within the “Theatre in Front of the Block” project have a strong inter-ethnic character, in which characters and issues associated with the three major groups living together in Târgu Mureș appear: Romanians, Hungarians and Roma.

From the first edition of the “Theatre in Front of the Block” project realized by the “Facem” Association in 2020, the bilingual show “Bologaș” resulted, which unfortunately was performed in only one performance with an audience due to the epidemiological situation in a accentuated degradation during the project.

The second edition realized in 2021 materialized by staging the show “Scapino”, an adaptation after Molière, which enjoyed a real success, being performed in seven performances, although the restrictions of the epidemiological situation were present but less stricter than the previous year.

This year, the third edition enjoys the freedom to be represented in front of the Târgumures public without restrictions.

We are waiting for you in large numbers at the Theater in Front of the Block to travel with Kalo Dant through the seven worlds of self-knowledge. Our actors are eager to come “home” to each of you, to delight you with an entertaining and educational show. Access to the show is free”, the organizers said.

In the event that the weather will not allow outdoor performances, there is a possibility that some performances will be rescheduled. To be aware of possible changes, the organizers invite those interested to follow the official Facebook and Instagram pages:,, https:/ /

The “Theatre in Front of the Block” project is co-financed by the Târgu Mureș City Hall, following the competition for the non-refundable funding of cultural projects.

Teatru în Fața Blocului is a project co-financed by @Primăria Târgu Mureș – Marosvásárhely Polgármesteri Hivatala, following the winning of the project competition for the non-refundable funding of cultural projects for the year 2022.

The project does not necessarily represent the position of the Târgu Mureș City Hall and the Local Council, which are not responsible for the content of the project or the way in which its results can be used. These are entirely the responsibility of the beneficiary of the funding.

Calendar of performances:

Tudor – Izvor – September 7: 19.00

Dambul Pietros – Furnica – September 12: 19.00

Unirii – Park Strada Decebal – September 13: 19.00

Center – Medieval Citadel – September 17: 6.30 p.m

Cornice – Dorms – September 19: 7 p.m

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