September 29, 2022

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The file on August 10, still innocent | TIMPOLIS

Four years since the anti-government protest of August 10, 2018, violently repressed by the Gendarmerie. The scenes are reminiscent of the Mineriada of June 1990. Similarly, the course of the criminal case, the Gendarmerieada of August 10, 2018, still not having any culprits.

On August 10, 2018, over 100,000 people took to the streets, at the so-called Diaspora Rally, to demand respect for democracy, the rules of the rule of law and the independence of the Judiciary, systematically trampled from the top of the Government and Parliament by the regime Dragnea. The rally was organized after almost a year and a half of constant and massive street protests – the biggest since the Civic Alliance rallies of the 90s. Protests started in January 2017, immediately after the investiture of the Grindeanu Government, whose first concern was the issuance of GEO 13, an ordinance drawn up and passed by the government in a total lack of transparency, which attempted to modify “the night, like thieves”, of the Penal and Criminal Procedure Codes, in order to escape from prison PSD leader Liviu Dragnea, de facto prime minister at the time. After the violence resorted to by the Gendarmerie during the August 10, 2018 protest, more than 400 people, beaten or gassed, requested medical care; a few days later, over 750 criminal complaints were submitted to the General Prosecutor’s Office, which reported itself and opened an investigation. Four years later, the August 10 case is innocent.

Walked between prosecutors’ offices, partially filed, reopened, and filed, and partially reopened, without a sentence until this date, the August 10 file, it seems, will follow the path on which, years ago, the files of the Revolution and Mineriada were put. Probably, for the violent repression of the anti-government rally on August 10, only a few gendarmes who carried out, with excess zeal, the orders of their bosses, will answer, not those who ordered them to intervene with force against the peaceful demonstrators. I mean, not those who had turned the Gendarmerie into a praetorian guard for Liviu Dragnea and his political cabal, asking the gendarmes to beat and gas and peaceful people who came out to the streets to respect democracy, the rules of the rule of law and the independence of the judiciary, who were trampled then from the top of the Government and the Parliament. The heads of the Gendarmerie and a state secretary from the Ministry of the Interior who orchestrated the reprisals – colonel Cătălin Sindile and colonel Sebastian Cucoş, one former chief, the other former first deputy of the Romanian Gendarmerie, Major Laurenţiu Cazan, former first deputy of the Bucharest Gendarmerie, and chief commissioner Mihai Dan Chirică, former secretary of state in the MAI – were removed from criminal prosecution, from 2020, by the classification of the file by DIICOT. A decision that defied the existence of indications of premeditated reprisals – the press mentioned at the time, as evidence of this, the hiding of the callsigns on the gendarmes’ helmets, so that they could not be identified, and the falsification, in official documents, of the time of the intervention in force. To these could have been added, as aggravating circumstances, the attempt of the MAI, led by Carmen Dan, to block the investigation, classifying key information needed in the file, and the lies, the official manipulations in a cascade – the Dăncilă Government had delivered lies regarding a coup d’état including the European Commission -, intended to justify the reprisals and block the investigation from reaching those who planned and directed the violence.

The August 10 file has chances to become the third historical file covered up by the Romanian Justice. To the Revolution, to Mineriada, August 10, three files in which a multitude of magistrates – who, too, receive or will receive huge special pensions – defied and defy the act of justice, defied and defy thousands and thousands of people who are waiting to justice is done to them.

Article also published in the Fifth Power.

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