May 28, 2023

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The EU will introduce sanctions against Iran. Blacklisted drone maker Shahed

Iran will be sanctioned by the European Union, for its involvement in Russia’s war against Ukraine.

According to the international media, the sanctions will be introduced against the Shahed drone company, whose aircraft categorized as “kamikaze” have intensively hit the infrastructure in Ukraine, in the last two weeks, reports, quoted by Obozrevatel .

EU sanctions have been approved against three people. As well as a company that makes drones“, it is stated in the message sent by a senior EU diplomat to the quoted source.

According to the document that could be published on October 20, Shahed Aviation Industries was sanctioned. This is the company responsible for the design and development of the Iranian Shahed UAV.

A secret series of drones has been delivered to the Russian Federation, it is being used in an aggressive war against Ukraine. Shahed Aviation Industries is therefore responsible for supporting the Russian government, which is responsible for annexing Crimea and destabilizing Ukraine“, the document emphasizes.

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The EU will hit Belarus harder

In addition, it is noted, the list of sanctions also includes:

– Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of Iran, Major General Mohammad Hossein Bagheri;

– commander of the Aerospace Corps of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps / Guards Corps, Sayed Aghajani;

– the head of logistics at the Iranian Ministry of Defense, Khojatol Goreishi.

For his part, Radio Svoboda correspondent Rikard Jozvyak previously reported that the EU had reached an agreement on the introduction of new sanctions against Russia and Belarus. At the same time, he emphasized that they will hit the country led by Aleksandr Lukashenko more.

It seems that within minutes there was a general consensus within the EU for new sanctions against Russia (though not on energy) and Belarus. The recent drafts of the European Council are stricter with regard to Belarus. Sanctions work is expected to accelerate in the coming days“, he declared on Twitter.

Zelensky: “Kremlin has entered political-military bankruptcy”

The mere act of calling on Iran for help in supplying drones is the Kremlin’s admission of its political-military bankruptcy, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said.

Timp for decades, spent billions of dollars on their military-industrial complex, and finally bowed to Tehran to get fairly basic drones and missiles“, he said.

Strategically, this won’t help them in any way, anyway. It only further proves to the world that Russia is on its losing track and is trying to recruit someone else to its ranks of accomplices in terror. We will certainly give a proper international response to this. But now, at the tactical level, thanks to Iranian drones, terrorists can still have some hopes, some calculations, new illusions. All of these will collapse, as will their preliminary calculations“, Zelenski concluded, according to

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