December 9, 2022

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The Erasmus+ GE-STEAM project has reached the end – News from Mures, Targu mures News

The European Erasmus+ project, Key Action 2 – Strategic partnerships in the field of school education KA201, with the title GE-STEAM: “Gender Equality in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics, 2020-1-RO01-KA201-080189”, reached final.

Casa Corpului Didactic Mureș, as a beneficiary, organized on Monday, August 29, 2022, starting at 3:00 p.m., in the Conference Hall of Pension Europa, the multiplication event, with the participation of 50 people from different fields of activity. An opening speech was given by Professor Fodor Alexandru-Iosif, the director of CCD Mureș, who thanked the participants, the project team, the collaborators, the management of the educational units and the teaching staff from the county, who accepted to be part of this project, to those from local and county press – for promoting the project, and last but not least to the management and colleagues from the Mureș County School Inspectorate.

Cotoară Angela, president of the Professional-ProF Foundation, partner in the project and responsible for the realization of the intellectual product IO1 – Training program for combating gender prejudice in STEAM, presented to all those present the content of the product, a product that involved the development of a training program for combating gender stereotypes in the teaching of STEAM subjects. After the implementation of this program among teachers, based on their observations, the program was updated. At the same time, Angela Cotoară presented in detail the structure of the training program and its importance, urging the use of the course in the educational act.

Prof. Toth Domokos, researcher within the project from the beneficiary, presented the project partners: Professional Foundation – ProF (RO), First Private School Leonardo da Vinci Ltd – FPSLD (BG), Future In Perspective Limited – FIPL (IR) , Postal Academy 3 Vigo SL – Postal3 (ES), mentioned the main objective of the project, talking equally about the priority of the project and the expected results. In addition, he presented to the participants all the other intellectual products made, developing each product in turn, emphasizing their innovative and creative aspects:

IO2-“Assistance Platform” (AP) – resources for teachers: this intellectual product consisted in the actual creation of the platform on the project website, the creation of 13 open educational resources, respectively a self-assessment questionnaire with the aim of identify the level of gender bias management. The 13 open educational resources are designed to support teachers in order to combat gender bias.

IO3-Arte’s Introduction to STEM – Teacher’s Guide and Hands-on Kit for Self-Teaching Activities for Children Using Project-Based Learning and Hands-On Self-Learning Activities: is product number 3 in which it was made a guide for teachers and activities of painting, drawing, listening, reinterpreting, etc., activities that promote the project-based learning method (PBL), an innovative student-centered learning method that involves a dynamic and interactive approach. In this way students acquire in-depth knowledge through active explanation.

IO4-Equality Mentoring and Business Mentoring Schemes: the fourth intellectual product, involved carrying out both internal, school-wide and external mentoring activities by approaching successful businesswomen.

IO5-Adaptation, translation and testing/piloting of the GE-STEAM training program accompanied by the support platform (E-book): the most important result obtained within this intellectual product was precisely the revision of IO1, thus obtaining a final version of the program of training and its transfer to an electronic book in English and other languages ​​of the consortium.

At the end of the presentation, the project implementation team demonstrated the functionality of the Support Platform, and those present could see that the platform is rich in resources, flexible, friendly and useful. The Support Platform allows users to take inventory of their own gender-based educational practices. After completing the questionnaire, users are redirected to personalized learning content recommendations to help them better manage gender diversity in classrooms or during gender awareness activities, with open educational resources classified on three levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced. In addition to the innovative character of this platform, a major benefit brought to the middle of the educational community is given precisely by the diversity of open educational resources because they were developed in collaboration with partners from other countries.

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