May 28, 2023

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The economic crisis is changing the labor market in Romania. Many people are looking for their second job

To cope with the price increases, many employees are looking for another job, according to a study developed by a recruitment platform.

Moreover, they think twice before resigning from their current job.

For companies, a difficult period is predicted, say economists. Many will reduce their activity and staff.

Alina is a cook at a restaurant and is struggling to make ends meet. For several weeks he has been thinking about finding a second job. Her husband already works for two companies.

Sandu Alina, employee: “I would also work at home because I know it is possible to work from home. At least part-time, two hours. Well welcome. While I stay at home, for two days, I could also work on the computer so that I can earn an extra penny”.

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Young man: “I looked into being a bicycle courier. This year I think I’m getting engaged. It’s a flexible schedule, I saw that I can work as many hours as I want and at whatever hours I want”.

Imbalances in the labor market

The recent wave of price increases has also created imbalances in the labor market, say human resources specialists.

According to a study carried out by a recruitment platform, a large part of Romanian employees turn to a second job to meet expenses.

The trend started from the pandemic, when people worked more from home and thus developed the ability to work more than eight hours a day.

After all the changes in the previous years, most of the Romanian employees, a percentage of over 25%, focused this year on increasing their incomes in order to cope with the price increases.

They basically found a second job or started different projects on their own.

There are also employees who have advanced within the company where they work and thus rounded off their incomes.

As for resignation, very few consider changing their employer in the new economic context.

Ana Visian, marketing specialist at a recruitment platform: “There are many young people with various jobs. Many have targeted the social media area. You work in accounting, but you have a friend’s business social media page. These freelancer jobs appeared in the area of ​​delivery, courier. They are chosen by students because they make their schedule as you need it”.

In Romania, according to official data, of the more than 5.5 million employees, approximately 500,000 have a second job. Most work in fields such as marketing, accounting, communication or IT.

The latter, experts say, started working for foreign companies even though they live in Romania.

Daria Simion, human resources specialist: “There are people who keep their jobs, but are also looking for collaborations with foreign companies. They prefer to switch to the SRL, PFA area”.

George Vulcănescu, economist: “The compromise solution, which is the second job, lends itself to certain professional categories. It is only recommended for exceptional situations. Jobs offered by employers should be fairly remunerated. Overtime may be paid. Can be remunerated additionally for performance in current activity: innovation, initiative”.

The most disadvantaged are the employees paid at the level of the minimum wage in the economy, who most of the time have a fixed schedule and cannot work from home.

According to data from the Ministry of Labour, there are over 1.2 million Romanians in Romania who have a salary between 2,550 and 3,000 lei gross.

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