October 2, 2022

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The Deputy Mayor of Reghin, special meeting with the President of the Republic of Moldova – Mures News, Targu Mures News

A delegation of Reghin Municipality participated, during August 27-28, in the Republic of Moldova, in this year’s edition of Ungheni Municipality Days. On this occasion, the delegation made up of Dragoș Pui, Marian Ovidiu, Imola Grama and Claudiu Cengher had the privilege of meeting, and even talking for 40 minutes, with Maia Sandu, the president of the Republic of Moldova.

Informal discussion

Contacted by the daily Zi de Zi, Dragoș Pui, who holds the position of deputy mayor of the Reghin municipality, explained that the visit was made following an invitation received from the leadership of the Ungheni City Hall in the Republic of Moldova, on the occasion of the Ungheni Days.

“This year, the event overlapped with the celebration of Independence Day, Ungheniul celebrating 560 years since the first historical attestation. The delegation lasted for four days and was composed of the undersigned, who was the president of the delegation, Marian Ovidiu – local councilor, Imola Grama – spokesperson of the Reghin City Hall and Claudiu Cengher – driver”, he declared for the Zi de Zi daily , Dragos Pui.

According to him, the participation of the President of the Republic of Moldova at the Ungheni Municipality Days “was a pleasant surprise”, especially since the delegates had the privilege of spending approximately 40 minutes in the company of Maia Sandu, in a protocol room in the premises of the Ungheni Municipality City Hall.

“I found out on Friday evening that the next day, Saturday, the president of the Republic of Moldova will also participate in the festivities, on the occasion of Independence Day. Obviously, it was a great joy for everyone that Mrs. Maia Sandu could arrive at the event. Each delegation president sent a message on the official stage, as well as the president of the Republic of Moldova. From Romania, delegates from Cluj Napoca, Bistrița, Dorohoi, as well as from the City Hall of Sector 5 in Bucharest, also participated. Later, we had the pleasure and surprise of spending about 40 minutes with the President of the Republic of Moldova in the City Hall, in a protocol room. The meeting was informal, light-hearted, and during it important topics were discussed such as the Târgu Mureș – Iași – Ungheni highway, which would facilitate road traffic both for investors targeting the Ungheni area and for Romanian citizens on both sides of the the Prut River, but also about the border point between the two countries,” emphasized the deputy mayor of the Reghin municipality.

“He is a very handsome man”

The meeting with Maia Sandu was memorable, as the delegates from Regina were truly captivated by the personality of the president of the Republic of Moldova.

“Even if she is a very influential person in terms of the position she holds, Mrs. Maia Sandu impressed me with her way of being, with a lot of common sense. He is a very nice man, he approached the topics of the discussion with presence of mind and at the same time with modesty. The meeting with the president of the Republic of Moldova was a very pleasant surprise. For a long time, I haven’t had the opportunity to meet someone who surprised me with his attitude so much”, stated the president of the delegation that represented the “City of Violins” at the Days of the Ungheni Municipality in the Republic of Moldova.


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