March 25, 2023

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The day of the elderly, marked at the Prefect’s Institution – Tulcea County

Lucian Simion, adviser to the president of the Tulcea County Council, participated on Friday, starting at 11.00, in the demonstrations organized at the headquarters of the Prefect’s Institution – Tulcea County, on the occasion of the Day of the Elderly.

This day was established on December 14, 1990 by the General Assembly of the United Nations (UN), based on Resolution no. 45/106. The celebration of the elderly was, in fact, initiated in 1982 by the development of an International Plan of Action on Helping the Elderly, adopted by the World Assembly on Aging and approved by the UN General Assembly.

“The phenomenon of population aging, a reality both at the global and at the national level, requires certain governmental measures to support the elderly population. It is therefore important that we, who represent the institutions of the Romanian state, get actively involved by paying more attention to the needs and problems faced by the elderly, especially in terms of the risk of poverty and social exclusion”, Lucian Simion said. , adviser to the president of the Tulcea County Council.

The program of events organized on the occasion of October 1

01.10 – 09.10.2022

08 hours00 – 2000

Tulcea City Hall, through the Tulcea Public Transport Service, will ensure free public transport, regardless of the route, for people who present a pension slip.
01.10 – 09.10.2022

10 o’clock00 – 1800

Free access, provided by ICEM Tulcea, for pensioners) to the Museum of Archaeology, the Museum of Art, the Museum of Popular Art, the Avramide House, the Tulcea Aquarium, the Niculitel Basilica, the Museum of Oriental Art-Casa Panaghia-Babadag, the Sulina lighthouse, the memorial houses in Tulcea and county.

11 o’clock00

Festive meeting of pensioners and elderly people with local officials, senators and deputies from Tulcea county. On this occasion, diplomas will be awarded to those who stood out in the activities carried out in support of pensioners and elderly people in Tulcea county. The diplomas will be made under the care of CJPPV Tl. to Pref. Tl / CJ Tl.

Location: Conference hall of the Tulcea Prefecture Institution or Dobrogea Hall of the Tulcea CJT


Access, by invitation, to the performances organized by the “Jean Bart” Tulcea Theater as part of the “TRAGOS 2022” festival. The invitations will be made available by the theater management and distributed by the representatives of the County Council of Elderly Pensioners.

Location: “Jean Bart” Theater in the municipality of Tulcea.



Excursion organized with the support of the Diocese of Tulcea, in which 50 people will participate, of which 15 people from the elderly settlements “Sfântul Nectarie” and Lebada – Tulcea. The excursion will include visiting the following places of worship in the county: Celic Dere, Cocoş, Saon, Niculiţel Basilica, Halmiris Monastery.

Transport will be provided by Tulcea City Hall or Tulcea County Council.

06.10.2022 Excursion organized with the support of the Tulcea County Council / Tulcea City Hall, for 50 people to the Monastery and Cave of St. Andrew – Constanta, the Tropaeum Traianii Museum and Building – from Adamclissi, and the Panaglia Babadag House.

With the support of CJ Tulcea / Tulcea City Hall in collaboration with, Club Logic Tulcea will organize chess, rummy, backgammon contests, according to a regulation discussed and approved by CJ Tulcea / Tulcea City Hall that will award Diplomas and Prizes.

Location: Tulcea Pensioners’ Club “Council of the Elderly” or other locations agreed upon by those in charge.


At the level of cities and communes, where there are organizations of pensioners, the Presidents of the Organizations with the support of the local Public Administration will initiate actions dedicated to the day of “October 1 – International Day of the Elderly”
28-30 09.2022



Provision of primary medical assistance to the elderly and pensioners, an action carried out with the support of the Tulcea Assistance and Social Protection Directorate and the Tulcea Public Health Directorate, according to the following program:

– 01.10.2022 / 11 o’clock00 – 1300 at the Tulcea Pensioners’ Club

– 28-30.09.2022 //03-04.10.2022/hours 1000 – 1400 in the Saint Gheorghe Park in the municipality of Tulcea.

01.10.- 31.10.2022 The County Union of Pensioners through the Organizations in the territory will grant material aid to the pensioners, the members of the organizations, according to the legal provisions.

Online editor – D. Sîrbu / Photo – Tulcea County Council

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