October 2, 2022

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The Craiova FASHION FESTIVAL is coming! » News from Craiova and Oltenia

The Craiova FASHION FESTIVAL is approaching

The main attraction of any event is the content, but sometimes the details can make it memorable: the surprises the organizers prepare, the prizes they give, the music, the organization, etc. In other words, the Miss Royal Models ROMANIA FASHION FESTIVAL, which takes place on Saturday, September 3, 2022, at 6:30 p.m., is memorable both in terms of content and details, which the Royal Models Agency and Electroputere Parc team has every time care to be the most spectacular in all the events organized by them.

The year 2022 means 17 years of activity for Royal Models Agency, 17 years in which this team has built a brand, which manages to prove the fact that achievements are commensurate with work.

A very rigorous game, of the full and the empty, of grace and beauty, of light and shadow, of color, a perfect balance between all the details, this is the description of the first section of the festival, namely the Miss Royal Models Romania beauty contest 2022, this year having 12 contestants from different cities of the country, who will fight to win the big title. They will arrive in Craiova on Wednesday, entering an intense program of preparation, photo sessions, fittings to be in the best shape in the evening of the event.

The second section of the event is marked by the fashion festival where national and international designers will present their most spectacular collections.

Med Tehica will stage a new collection of WonderWink uniforms. This collection has been designed to handle the highest level of performance. The uniforms are made of breathable material which, in combination with the ergonomic cut, meets all the conditions needed by medical staff. When you say WonderWink, you mean everything that is freshest, fun and essential in the medical uniform industry and not only that. The brand is based on the perfect fit for both medium and smaller or larger sizes.

Mentor by Mihaela Manescu never stops innovating and invests important time and resources in perfecting the way of working, out of a continuous desire for self-improvement. The collection fits into the trend of sustainable economy and sustainability. Entering the ready-to-wear market is due to the constant concern for the valorization of stocks resulting from the production of military uniforms. Thus, the models created within the collection benefit from the advantages of the materials from which they are made, the fabrics having particular properties such as: impermeability, increased resistance to washing, increased color resistance, special treatments that ensure a long use.

With a special vision on fashion design, Florin Burescu will surprise the public with a collection specially prepared for the fashion festival in Craiova. His creations captured and fascinated the eyes of all Europe. His shows in Italy, Spain, Germany, France, etc. made his name a remarkable one in the field of fashion. Florin Burescu presents the Dark collection in Banie, a collection that makes you enter a world of beauty, uniqueness and perfection. The concept of the show is a unitary one, the hairstyle, make-up and accessories, combine perfectly with the direction, scenography and music.

Sonia Trifan is already a brand in the fashion world, not just a name due to the skill and dedication with which she deals with the image of women. This presents a collection full of sparkle, glam and a lot of femininity. She says that this is an ode to the Romanian woman, beautiful, elegant and full of sex appeal. The chosen materials are embroidery accessorized with crystals, beads and sequins. Outfits worked on the accessory side by hand, carefully studied down to the smallest detail. The collection is dedicated to all women who know how to wear an evening dress with attitude and good taste!

Born by the sea, from a passion for fashion and painting, the Genuine Concept brand encourages, through the collection presented in Craiova, the modern womanof towards sincerity and self-acceptance and infuses her with feminine energy, uniqueness, supporting her not to be afraid to show her vulnerability, fragility, but above all her inner strength. The pieces are extremely versatile, benefiting any silhouette and can be worn in daily activities or in your free time, but you can also choose outfits that will highlight you in a context that imposes a slightly more rigorous dress code. The colors of the fabrics are neutral, classic, but the original accents are represented by the paintings that bring the piece of clothing out of anonymity, but especially the woman who wears it.

With extremely feminine, elegant models and always attentive to details, the collection of designer Ramona Draghici, creator of the Yvette Design branddevelops an artistic act through each outfit, like a painting canvas on which he lays out his ideas, designing clothing models step by step, thus seeking perfection and offering lightness, convenience, luxury, style and attitude.

Like every Andrea Dogaru collection, “Dark side” is an extension of my personality because the Gothic style opposes any conventions widely spread in fashion and tries to avoid conformism. The collection named “Dark side” is a dark, sometimes morbid, eroticized one and includes corsets, lace and velvet. Opulence, decadence and individualism are the basic aspects of this collection. Andreea has already reached over 40 collections, which she presents on national and international fashion catwalks. In December 2019, Andreea Dogaru was declared the best couture designer at the Romanian Fashion Awards.

Tradition must be respected, so Royal Models Agency and Electroputere Parc have the honor to present you an international guest, namely Georgia CHIONI who comes from Greece. Born in Thessaloniki, she studied law, cinematography and fashion. Fashion design gives her the opportunity to create unique outfits, revealing a strong, simple, real style. Georgia CHIONI’s journey in fashion began with a pure interest in her own style and fashion design and continues with an authentic passion for creating unique, artistic, customer-specific clothing lines. Recently, he collaborates with the new fashion brand SKIN it, aiming to bring a new aesthetic in luxury fashion, with eclectic and subversive design, combining the boundaries of eclecticism and art.

We invite you on September 3, 2022 in the premises of Electroputere Parc to watch a beauty regal in which the trends of the next season are elevated to the level of art.

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