May 28, 2023

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The Constanța lighthouse wants to strike in Giulesti

The technical manager of the Farul Constanţa team, Gheorghe Hagi, stated, on Thursday, in a press conference, that he hopes that his team will have the strength to impose their game in the away match with Rapid and win the 3 points.

It’s a championship match where three points are at stake. It will be a very nice match because both teams are in shape, they have shown it. I hope we have the strength to impose our game, dictate the pace and intensity and take the three points. I hope we can cope. Farul has proven so far that it is one of the best in the championship, it has the most goals scored and very few conceded. We are confident, but at the same time aware that we are meeting a very good team that plays very well at home and that will have the public on its side,’ he said.

‘Play Rapid with the Lighthouse and nothing else. Yes, there are two coaches with names on the bench, they respect each other and that’s about it. Otherwise, everyone will try to surprise with something, if they can still surprise. I am very surprised by the performance of the Farul team, which is excellent, fantastic. I hope we get the three points in this last match and we can talk about a course that no one saw. No one believed that Farul would reach here, it’s the merit of the players, it’s also the staff, the club. Although we are not the club with the most money, i.e. the biggest budget. We are normal, like everyone else,” added Hagi.

The coach mentioned that he is not thinking about the title. “We don’t look at where we are. Our objective is to win every game. Even if it is good where we are, there is oxygen and we breathe well, the road is long. There will be many fights on the road and we must be prepared’, explained the technician.

Gheorghe Hagi believes that the city of Constanta deserves a modern stadium. We’ll see until it happens. For the time being, an approval has been given, I hope that the existing terms will be taken into account. Constanţa is a big city, in the top 4-5 in Romania, so it deserves a modern stadium,’ said Hagi.

He mentioned that the technician of the Rapid formation, Adrian Mutu, was wrong when he said about him that he is the only coach in the Super League without pressure because he is also a majority shareholder in Farul Constanţa.

‘He was wrong, because I also have to deal with the administration. I am also the majority shareholder and everything that happens hurts me. So it’s not just coaching, I have to take care of a lot. My job is 100 times bigger than that of a manager who sits and signs players and if he doesn’t score points he resigns and goes home. I can not do this. And then it’s very difficult for me’, said the coach.

The captain of the Farul Constanţa team, Ionuţ Larie, declared, on Thursday, in a press conference, that his team must play a complete game from an offensive and defensive point of view, on Friday, in the match against FC Rapid.

A pleasant atmosphere will await us at Giulesti, as you won’t find in many stadiums. We enjoy playing in full stadiums. There is no pressure on us or on them. They did good things, and so did we. It will be a nice match. There is no definite favorite in any championship game. In many matches, the lower rated teams managed to make surprises, so tomorrow’s match has no favorites. We have to play our game, that of playing offensively. At the same time, we have to play a complete game, and defend well, because Rapid is a very good team,’ said the defender.

Larie claims that he and his colleagues have not achieved anything for now, even if Farul is on the first place of the ranking. “We are on a good path, but we haven’t achieved anything yet. We players are not counting the title fight because it is still early. The points are going to be halved, in the play-off it will be a completely different championship’, he stated.

The 35-year-old defender hopes to join the new stadium in Constanta as a player. “We have been waiting for a long time for the news that a new stadium will be built in Constanta. We are happy that everything is finally in order and I hope that the construction will not take too long because I want to catch this stadium as a player’, he added.

In the same press conference, midfielder Tudor Băluţă declared that Farul is not yet at its maximum potential.

“Tomorrow will be a difficult match, like any other, it will be a full stadium. We treat the match like any other, we want the three points and I hope we get them in the end. I feel even better in an atmosphere like it will be tomorrow, it was the same in Ploiesti. We have shown good football so far, but I am convinced that we are not at our maximum potential. Of course we can do better than that and we have to show it on the field,’ said Băluţă.

The Farul Constanţa football team meets the Rapid team on Friday, at 8:30 p.m., at the Rapid-Giuleşti Stadium in the capital, in a match counting for the 15th stage of the Super League.

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