January 27, 2023

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The communist leader admits that Russia is “at war” in Ukraine. What appeal did he make to the deputies

The leader of the Russian communists, Gennadi Ziuganov, admitted on Tuesday that the Russian “special military operation” in Ukraine has turned into a war, so that – in his opinion – the mobilization of all the country’s resources is required, reports EFE.

“The political-military operation against Nazis, ultra-nationalists and fascists in Ukraine has turned into a war in the true sense of the word that the Americans, NATO countries and united Europe declared to us,” Zyuganov declared in his speech in the Duma of State (the lower house of the Russian federal parliament), which opened its autumn session on Tuesday.

Ziuganov indicated that “a war and a special operation are radically different, as the special operation once launched can be interrupted,” according to the Russian online publication Sota.

Instead, he said, “the war cannot be stopped, even if you wanted it to. You have to go to the end and it has two results: victory or defeat”.

The communist leader declared that a war requires a response and “a maximum mobilization of forces and resources”, in addition to “consolidating society” and adopting new laws.

“I want you to be aware that we are at war and we have no right to lose it,” he emphasized, addressing the deputies, also calling on them not to “panic.”

But precisely the use of the word “war” to name the Russian military campaign in Ukraine is severely punished under the law approved by the Duma in March, as well as the use of the word “invasion”, which has led to the opening of numerous criminal cases to date .

The Kremlin – strongly criticized by supporters of a much more aggressive military campaign in Ukraine – ruled out on Tuesday the general or partial mobilization of the population despite the withdrawal of Russian troops from eastern Ukraine.

The Russian withdrawal from the Ukrainian region of Kharkiv (north-east) has again revealed the acute lack of men in the ranks of the Russian army fighting in Ukraine.

Mikhail Sheremet, a deputy representing Crimea from the ruling United Russia party in the Russian Duma, said that without a general mobilization, Russian troops would not achieve the goals that were set at the start of the “special military operation” in February .

This opinion is shared by many Russian military experts and bloggers, while the Chechen leader, Ramzan Kadîrov, criticized the mistakes made by the generals on the battlefield and showed willingness to send 10,000 men to the front.

The pro-Russians claim that the Ukrainian forces in Kharkiv were eight times more numerous than the Russians, who chose to withdraw, leaving behind fuel and military equipment in the hands of the Ukrainians.

According to the press, President Vladimir Putin believes that the majority of Russians are not willing to send their sons to fight in Ukraine.

Approximately 70% of Russians would support the military campaign to a greater or lesser extent, with only 18% opposing it, according to the latest official poll.

While Ukraine interpreted the withdrawal of Russian forces from the Kharkiv region as a great victory that allowed it to recover thousands of square kilometers of territory, the Russian Ministry of Defense argues that its decision to withdraw troops is aimed at consolidating positions in Donbas.

On February 24, Russia launched an unprovoked and unjustified invasion of Ukraine, which it calls a ‘special military operation’ for the defense of Russian speakers, especially in Donbas, in fact the first aggression of this kind in Europe after the Second World War .

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