October 2, 2022

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The cheap European country and less known by Romanians. The perfect tourist destination for vacation / PHOTO

“Poland is a country rich in beautiful landscapes, located on the coast of the Baltic Sea, with a coastline of 528 km. With clean, beautiful resorts, preferred by tourists who can’t stand the heat and run away from crowded cities. Almost all the beaches are surrounded by forests, which provides an additional opportunity for bike rides or picnics. Although it seems strange, and everyone runs for hot destinations or exotic countries, there are still beaches and holiday destinations even in colder seas, for example Poland / Baltic Sea. I have been living here in Poland for 3 years, and we come to the sea very often during the year.

Beaches covered with very fine sand, pebbles and coarse sand are very rare. The beaches are clean and cleaned regularly. There are plenty of litter bins on the beach, lifeguard stations and public toilets, both pay and very clean plastic ToiToi (these are at every numbered beach exit)”wrote a Romanian Cristina Sandu-Bełdowska on the Facebook page.

The Romanian also wrote some arguments about the Polish coast and recommended some resorts. There are no hot temperatures in Poland, and those who want to swim in the sea can do so in July and August.

“The temperatures are not hot, so the best months for swimming are July and August, but the coast is crowded throughout the summer season. Sopot is the most famous resort (kind of like Mamaia, but no comparison). The northern area by the sea is called the TriCity: Gdansk, Sopot, Gdynia.

The main street in Sopot, called Monte Cassino, ends in a 511 m long wooden dam, called Molo Sopot, leading into the sea. Many restaurants and shops with souvenirs, but also stalls with amber jewelry (we know that this is extracted from the Baltic Sea)”the woman added.

The perfect holiday destination

Cristina Sandu-Bełdowska explained in more detail what the advantages of the Poles are and, on top of that, she also posted some photos of the holiday destination. They put a lot of emphasis on a developed infrastructure, cleanliness on the beaches and prices for any pocket. Poland has become a cheap and unknown tourist destination for Romanians, but which can become highly sought after.

“The fact that you can get there quickly by train from anywhere (e.g. from Warsaw you can cover 400 kilometers in about three hours). It is a country with a lot of highways, so driving is a breeze, you get there quickly and safely. The Ambrei highway is tolled.

The beaches are clean, cleaned and without algae (in three years I saw only one algae and that was after the storm). Extremely many public toilets, deck tracks on the beach to facilitate access for the disabled, mothers with strollers or bicycles.

Beaches are for everyone! There are no beaches with sunbeds and umbrellas. Everyone comes from home with a blanket, summer tent, screen, umbrella. It is very rare to rent a sunbed and it costs about 18 RON per day. The coast is for everyone. Different forms of accommodation: all-inclusive hotel, villas, wooden cabins, holiday cottages, tent campsites and motorhomes”said the tourist.

Here you are allowed with a pet

The Romanian also declares that you are allowed to bring your pet here, and the prices are for all budgets.

“You can bring your pet. They are very open and you are allowed with quadrupeds everywhere. You may pay an extra fee for them at the hotel, and at the restaurant, as a rule, when they serve your meal, they also bring you a clean bowl of water for the dog. The fact that the world is relaxed. Spending quality time together, cycling (well there are thousands of km of cycling tracks here).

Prices are for all budgets. There is both all inclusive and separate accommodation. There are luxury and very expensive hotels, but you can also stay in tents or wooden houses, villas, holiday homes. There is cheap accommodation as well as expensive accommodation (it depends on what each of us means by this), it depends on when you rent, how far in advance, the type of hotel, etc.

Food prices are ok. You can find a terrace where a soup and main course plus fruit compote as a drink costs a total of 30 zlotys (30 RON), or restaurants where only fried fish with potatoes and salad is 30 RON. A coffee starts from 4 zlotys, an ice cream dispenser 5 zlotys, an artisan ice cream 10 zlotys, a Goffre from 5-20 zlotys, depending on the topping.

There are a lot of seasonal vegetables and fruits, places where you can buy smoked fish, shops and supermarkets, if you want a vacation you can cook at your accommodation”concluded the Romanian.

How internet users commented on the Romanian’s post

One netizen wrote on the post: “Yes! They are far from us in front of us, we hardly see them. They also have a lot of lakes, very well laid out, with beaches, with all possible amenities. You almost don’t feel like going to the beach anymore. I was somewhere near Poznan, in a camp with the children and we felt fantastic”.

Other comments on the Romanian post about Poland were as follows:

“I didn’t even know it existed, to my shame!” someone wrote. “I’ve visited a few places in Poland, but I didn’t know about their coastline” and “Wow, you’ve put a destination on my wish list!”.

“Why isn’t it popularized? I haven’t heard of any agency having offers for this destination. They all bombard us with Greece and Turkey” or “Superb! Tired of Turkey, Greece and Mamaia, something else, sir! Congratulations to the photographer!”, were other reactions of some Romanians who were captivated by the presentation of the Romanian woman. “The short list. You managed to make us want to experience the vibe of these places with your wonderful pictures. Thanks,” someone else added.

“Poland was a very pleasant surprise for me! I agree with everything you wrote!”, added another netizen, and another came with a recommendation: “Also in the Baltic Sea, I also recommend Denmark. For the months of July and August, otherwise cold and cold water.” There were also emotional messages. “My country of the soul! I may miss Poland. I am waiting for the junior to grow up a bit, at least to visit the south of Poland more often. I miss hanging out with a Pole”, was another comment.

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