May 28, 2023

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The cause of death of rapper Nosfe. Bandmates from the Benz Tent say he may have suffered a heart attack

A manslaughter case has been opened after the rapper Nosfe, from Șatra Benz, died at the weekend, at only 37 years old. His wife was the one who called 112, after the artist collapsed in the house, shortly after a concert.

Bandmates say the sudden death was caused by a heart attack.

Just a few hours before the tragedy, Nosfe sang at a concert in Bucharest, together with his colleagues from Șatra Benz, and on Friday he released his song and video “I have nothing to give”, along with three other artists. After the concert, when he got home, in Balotești, he got sick and collapsed. According to a statement sent by IPJ Ilfov, it was the wife who called 112, around half past three. The ambulance doctors could do nothing, but nothing.

The police are investigating for manslaughter

In order to be able to legally carry out all due investigations in the case of the death of the artist, the police and prosecutors are obliged to open a criminal case for manslaughter.

The bandmates asked people not to speculate about the death of the singer and not to issue unfounded opinions. Precisely for this reason, the most relevant will be the analyzes of forensic doctors. Some of these are expected in a few days, but, for example, the data of the toxicological analyzes come out only after three weeks.

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It is true that the world was shocked to learn that a young and vigorous man of 37 years died of a heart attack, but there are doctors who say that heart diseases do not escape the young either.

The announcement of the death of the 37-year-old artist came on Sunday evening on the Facebook page of the Şatra Benz band, and in another post on the Instagram page, the rapper’s colleagues reported that the man had a heart attack. Police officers investigating manslaughter.

Darius Vlad Creţan, known under the pseudonym Nosfe, was married and had a little girl.

The last concert

Just a few hours before he died, rapper Nosfe performed at a concert in Bucharest with his colleagues from Șatra BENZ. He couldn’t finish the concert because he felt sick and went home.

Super Ed, BENZ Tent: “After the first few songs at the concert he sat down, he felt sick, he left the concert. He went home and what happened happened”.

Lu-K, BENZ Tent: “He went home. He thought it felt good. He went to get his phone from the car and crashed.”.

Keed, BENZ Tent: “He said he felt something in his chest, but then he calmed down. After he got off the stage he felt sick. He calmed down, went home and what happened happened”.

Reporter: He had no medical history?

Keed, BENZ Tent: “No no…”

At 03.30 in the morning, the artist Darius Crețan collapsed in his home in Balotești. His wife called 112, and the medical team confirmed the death. On social networks, relatives and bandmates say that the rapper suffered a heart attack.

Lu-K, BENZ Tent: “The cause of death was physical exertion and the very aggressive emotional period of the last two years. Some of you said it was due to an overdose or drugs. There is no question of such a thing. He simply had a lot on his mind and that’s why the heart attack happened”.

Nosfe’s brother-in-law: “It’s definitely the fatigue. Darius had been working like a madman for years and didn’t sleep at night.”

Darius Crețan was 37, married, had a little girl and had just released a video together with three other artists. The rapper would have recorded several dozen other songs that were to appear.

What’s UP, artist: “From Monday to Thursday you are in the studio, you wake up that you have to have concerts on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and when you come home to see your family for two, three hours, you sleep and you start all over again”.

The singer’s body was deposited at the church in Dumbăveni, Ilfov where he will be buried on Tuesday.

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