March 29, 2023

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The “BMW cars for the Police” scandal. Minister Lucian Bode claims that, in fact, Cătălin Drula signed the contract

The Minister of the Interior, Lucian Bode, presented, on Thursday, the conclusions of the Control Body in the scandal caused by the purchase of BMW cars for the Police.

Furthermore, Bode claimed that the Ministry of Transport, headed at the time by the president of USR Cătălin Drula“signed” to fix certain technical details of the cars that were to be purchased.

to 25/05/2021 Minister transports, driving of Catalina Dude, approve application of financing, inclusive sheet with the details technically. In the 5/07/2021, in the base Agreement given of Minister driving of Mr Drula, it sign the contract of financing. numaru 106/2021, him you have in the face. Ccontract obvious, signed between Minister transports, on of a part, and Inspectorate General of police Romanians, on of other part, in the quality of beneficiary. Cof representative of ministry Transports, ei see It is Mr minister Dude You have in the face a copy after the contract of funding signed of Mr Mr Dr. and Mr Benone Matthew, Minister transports, respectively Inspectorate General of police Romania.” – said Interior Minister Lucian Bode, in a press conference.

Bode also says that a very important aspect of this contract was the fixing of certain technical specifications of the cars to be purchased – specifications that ultimately led to the purchase of BMWs.

“Very important, Appendix 2 of this contract part compound yet a date this contract It is sheet with the details technical, where we come we will find to page 7 capacity cylindrical, box of speed, speeds, traction, the length, bodywork, color, writing specific, very importance. So How you see box automatically 8 addition 1 gradually.” – said Bode.

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Cătălin Drula

The President of the USR accused the Ministry of the Interior of having built a specification “with dedication”

Bode recalls the fact that, among the accusations launched by the USR leader, there were also those related to the construction of a specification that included certain conditions, in other words … “with dedication”.

But, now, the minister claims that these specifications were approved by Drula himself.

Us bring memory what the said Mr Dr. in the follow with some days, that I have built a TENDER of tasks in the which I have last intentional, to example, a box of speed 8 addition 1 steps, for of favor on someone, in the conditions in the which reign to have signed the contract of financing, and attached to the contract of funding are these specifications technical, inclusive box of speed 8 addition 1.

Aseedling in the the notebook of tasks not could to get neither 7 addition 1 neither 9 addition 1 METERcomplicated I’m asking, How nerve to you and to accusing the police Romanian, Minister business internal, that have made some specifications with dedication, When not have made something else than to take over these specifications from the project technical, attached to the contract of funding signed of Minister Transportation. May a lot, on 8 July Minister TRANSPORT announce public BY A communique signing the contract.

Through equipment which do the object contract are enumerate listed and the 300 of special cars. it say very clear: purchase 300 of trucks of police. so, after what the sign the contract, Yes communique and promote public this approach” – said Lucian Bode.

Well, more than that, including the Minister of European Funds at that time, Cristian Ghinea, would have been informed about these purchases.

“After time SIGNING the contract, Minister, so How I say, How I was saying him inform on Minister fund European. Therefore, the contract that’s enough and to Mr Gina. Mr Cristiana Guinea, Minister fund Europeans to that times, inclusive with the specifications technical, underline inclusive with the specifications technical.” – stated the Minister of the Interior.

USR President Cătălin Drula asked DNA to report itself in the BMW scandal

A few days ago, the president of USR Cătălin Drula asked the chief prosecutor of the DNA, Crin Bologato self-report in the case of the auction held by the Romanian Police for the purchase of BMW cars.

Now, the Minister of the Interior, Lucian Bode, says that he has no problem with this, on the contrary.

Now sure that can TALK a lot about hypocrisy, about bad intention, about loss of memory. can TALK a lot and many on these aspects, inclusive about wisdomof the saying dfa cease philosophy you were staying

One from the May important and the only one which us AFFECTING on we, to Minister business internal, It is the tied up of misinformation, on which ever a we will combat. This It is the reason for which me find today in the face your, to fight This one misinformation with arguments. former minister of transports, Mr Dude, do what public CHARGES serious, slanderous, with attack to people.

we talk peak, about document and processes AUTHORIZED and signed of by the dance. It be of laugh, if would be of weeping. Mr Dr. ask Department Nation corruption to it to it self-refer. Well, what the would have to we understand now, after what the I have seen documents signed of by the dance. Scomplicated we understand that it self-report? dthe man Dude, senses OLAF and Prosecution European, in the conditions in the which this contract and these specifications technically have former on table Minister Dr. and of Minister Gina. Very good, not we any problem with to stay.” – reacted Lucian Bode.

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