May 28, 2023

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The amicable finding of the accident can also be done online

RCA insurers together with the Bureau of Auto Insurers of Romania (BAAR) make available to RCA policyholders the Amiabila digital application, through which drivers will be able to fill out the “Amicable Accident Report” form in electronic format, in accordance with the legal provisions.

“Starting on October 15, 2022, RCA insurers together with the Bureau of Auto Insurers from Romania are making available to RCA insureds the Amiabila digital application, through which drivers will be able to fill out the “Amicable Accident Report” form in electronic format, in accordance with the provisions of ASF Norm No. 18/2022, which amends ASF Norm No. 20/2017″, it is mentioned in a press release quoted by Agerpres.

Thus, the new digital solution represents a historic moment for the insurance market, Romania being part of a small group of countries that have developed and offered, until now, drivers a digital alternative to the amicable declaration form.

“BAAR benefited in the implementation of the application from the constant support of the Supervisory body, both at the stage of the elaboration and approval by the ASF of the necessary provisions in the secondary legislation and through the constant support offered by the Authority, in the transformation of many activities from the physical sphere to the digital one “said Mădălin Rosu, president of BAAR.

According to the quoted source, Amiabila does not replace the current amicable finding form on paper, which is still distributed by insurers and intermediaries, but represents a simple and effective accident protocol alternative, in accordance with the digital transformation of society.

At the same time, the “Amicable Finding of Accident” form in electronic format reproduces the same graphic model, with the same information and has the same legal value as the one on paper, according to the legal provisions. According to BAAR, the application is free and can be downloaded from the Google Play and App Store, directly on the smartphone.

“Amiabila has a simple, attractive and intuitive interface, as well as a high level of data security. The application represents BAAR’s contribution to the offer of innovative digital solutions that we make to drivers involved in minor accidents”, said Sorin Greceanu, general director of BAAR.

In a first step, the user downloads the application directly to the phone or mobile, and then creates a user account. In the second stage, he completes his personal data requested by the application (driver’s license, registration certificate, identity card, RCA policy). The information from these documents can be automatically retrieved in the form “Amicable accident report” in electronic format.

At the same time, a third stage refers to the way of compiling the sketch of the accident. The application offers a rich infographic, from which the user can select both exterior elements (intersections, traffic signs, traffic lights, etc.), as well as the position of the two vehicles at the time of the collision.

“Similarly, highlighting the damages produced becomes easy to do, by simply positioning an arrow in the area of ​​the deformed elements of the body. The amicable agreement can be concluded by both drivers through a single phone call. The personal data of one will be able to be automatically transferred to the phone of the other participant, by simply scanning a QR code, provided that both drivers have the application installed on their phone”it is stated in the press release.

According to the cited source, otherwise, one of them will have to manually fill in the data of the other user. The final document, thus obtained, is signed by the two drivers, after which the application automatically generates the amicable finding.

According to BAAR, Amiabila also offers other facilities. “One of them consists in the possibility of registering several cars that the user drives, even occasionally, an important facility in the case of people who drive several vehicles. Another advantage over the printed version is the possibility of sending the document, immediately after signing it, to the RCA insurers of the people involved in the accident, the Amiabila application being connected to all the companies that practice this form of insurance in Romania”the statement also says.

As in the case of the printed form, in that of the Amicable Accident Finding there are situations in which the application does not allow filling in the form, such as accidents in which more than two vehicles were involved or in which bodily injuries/death resulted, or external objects are damaged (pillars, parapets, buildings, etc.).

“These cases are solved only by the police or other competent authorities, in accordance with the legal provisions. Additional information about the Amiabila application can be obtained by accessing the portal or by downloading it to your phone”, it is specified in the communication.

The Bureau of Motor Vehicle Insurers in Romania (BAAR) is an independent and autonomous professional association whose members are all the insurance companies authorized to practice, on the territory of Romania, compulsory motor civil liability insurance for damages caused to third parties through vehicle and tram accidents ( RCA).

Source: Agerpres / Photo: Archive

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