October 2, 2022

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The air in Bucharest, ten times cleaner than in spring. The reason: the people of Bucharest on vacation

If there is commotion at sea and in the mountains, the capital of the country enjoys a moment of respite.

With many residents on vacation in July and August, there were fewer cars on the boulevards, there were parking spaces, the restaurants were airier, public transportation was less crowded, and the air was much cleaner.

The data from the air quality measuring stations also bear witness.

During the three summer months, in some places in Bucharest, the air was even ten times cleaner than in spring, say air quality measurement applications.

Izvorul Rece Park, near the center of Bucharest, is one of the areas with the cleanest air throughout the summer, according to measurements. An air quality measuring station tells us that 5 micrograms of suspended particles in the air/m3 are recorded. By 20-30 we are within normal limits, which means that we have breathable air here.

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polluted roads

In particular, the neighborhoods in the center-east area had clean air during the summer, but if we look at the specialty maps, we see only green and yellow dots in the whole city, meaning breathable air. Higher pollution values ​​are recorded in the periphery.

60 percent of the pollution in Bucharest, caused by vehicles

Octavian Berceanu, former commissioner of the Environmental Guard: “We have illegal burning of plastics, waste, tires, near Bucharest. Moreover, we have pollution from residential heating sources, apartment central heating and that which uses solid fuels: wood, plastic. The lower level of pollution is due to the fact that the pollution rises and is carried by the wind outside Bucharest, while in winter, the air stagnates here and then it accumulates from one day to the next”.

According to a study, 60 percent of the pollution in Bucharest is caused by vehicles driving on the streets. As in every summer, the number of cars on Bucharest’s roads has decreased.

In Piața Victoriei, for example, the direction of the mayor’s office that monitors traffic in Bucharest has registered a decrease in the number of cars that pass here, by several thousand every month. As well as the other large intersections and on the boulevards, compared to the first part of the year.

And public transport is freer during this period.

Fewer and fewer customers in the Old Center of Bucharest

The Bucharest Transport Company recorded a decrease in the number of validated tickets this summer, compared to spring. Something that travelers also feel.

We also took the city for granted. Freer streets. We also entered the Old Center, where we talked to several restaurant owners, who told us how the lack of customers during the day affects them during the summer.

Adrian Coleș, manager of a restaurant: “July, August were weaker months than the spring period. It is felt primarily at the sale, a 20-30 percent. That’s quite a lot. This is recovered during the spring or autumn”.

Alexandra Bott, representative of a local: “Customers come out after 7-8, when it’s cooler outside. During the day there is not so much flow. In August, at least, there are more foreigners than Romanians, most of them are away on vacation”.

Even utility consumption drops when people are on vacation.

The main water supplier in Bucharest, Apa Nova, recorded in the first two months of summer a decrease in the consumption of drinking water in homes, by several hundred thousand cubic meters, compared to May.

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