March 25, 2023

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The 10th edition of the Conference of Pharmacists from Mures has begun – News from Mures, Targu mures News

The Mureș College of Pharmacists in partnership with the Faculty of Pharmacy of UMFST “GEPalade” from Târgu-Mures, organizes the 10th edition of the Mureș Pharmacists Conference credited with 32 EFC for pharmacists and 12 EMC for pharmacy assistants. The event started today, from 9:00 a.m., in the Faculty of Pharmacy Hall and will take place between October 13-14, 2022.

A total of 914 people attend, physically and online, interested in learning useful information for professional development.

“It is a special edition because it brings together in this Hall of the Pharmacy Facility, both the didactic part, of pharmaceutical education, and the part of practical exercise, whether it is found in community and hospital pharmacies, or in distribution and production. The year 2022 was a very difficult year, the pharmacists were put to the test and it proved that only together we can win”, declared farm in the opening. Nicoleta Logican, president of the Mureș College of Pharmacists.

In recent years, the Faculty of Pharmacy has increased the number of specializations and residency places, introduced new medical services based on theoretical training and the development of practical skills, becoming a European institutional model.

“Educators and practicing pharmacists will try to bring before you new information, of immediate interest or perspective, putting their minds and souls together with the aim of building, of constituting what we all want, the validation professional. There is a cult of ignorance in society fueled by the false idea that we are nothing more than medicine salesmen and shit! it coincides with the period in which the pharmacist accumulated the most skills, becoming, in addition to being a medicine professional, a good advisor, a good manager, a good entrepreneur, an accountant. To remain connected to the university ecosystem, to develop a correlative environment between the needs of pharmaceutical practice and the skills provided by the University for the evolution of the profession and favoring integration on the labor market, is an idea for which we and you are fighting together”, said the university dean .dr. Daniela-Lucia Muntean

Held under the slogan “Together for a united profession!”, the agenda of presentations includes current topics of the pharmaceutical and health fields such as: Pharmaceutical services – continued from the 2021 edition, quality in the pharmaceutical field, legislation in the exercise of the profession, the current economic situation of community pharmacies in Romania, legislative regulations necessary for their maintenance such as the role of the clinical pharmacist in health facilities and medical scientific topics of interest.

“Exercising the profession of a pharmacist can only be associated with continuous training, and this requires a series of collaborations, information, solutions and innovative ideas for the future of our career, but above all for the health of our peers. The University, which has a dedicated Faculty, is in a continuous effort to harmonize both with the realities of the society in which we live, and with the academic and scientific realities with which we are in competition, first of all with ourselves, but then with everything that this activity represents. The university is starting a dual education project where the training is done equally by teaching staff and the labor market that needs a graduate of the academic life”, said vice-rector prof. dr. Klara Brânzaniuc.

The Faculty of Pharmacy has a tradition in Romanian-Hungarian pharmaceutical education of over 70 years. The Muresian Pharmacists Conference is held in a hybrid format, with live online transmission, to ensure the participation of as many pharmacists as possible.

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