March 25, 2023

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“Summer in the metropolis”, a new tourist product in Timiş | TIMPOLIS

Photo source: CJ Timiş

The Association for the Promotion and Development of Tourism in Timiș County, with the support of the Timiș County Council, is launching a new tourist product, called Summer in the metropolisa product that uses the local transport infrastructure to promote cultural tourism in the county.

“It is a product that uses the local transport infrastructure and responds both to the expectations of the city’s inhabitants in terms of transport links to tourist attractions in the vicinity of the metropolis, and to the opinion of the European Committee of the Regions which, in 2020, supported that measures must be taken to improve current tourism and transport models, aiming at their full social, economic and environmental sustainability”, say the representatives of the Association for the Promotion and Development of Tourism in Timiș County.

Summer in the metropolis it has three components: the map of the metropolitan lines and the presentation of the tourist attractions that can be accessed with them; the map of the Timișoara-Serbia bicycle path and the presentation of the services of the hospitality industry and the objectives that can be accessed along it and the first virtual tour of the events of the 1989 Revolution.

Travel on metropolitan transport lines

Those interested in visiting the Hodoni Mansion or the Firemen’s Tower in Giarmata or following in the footsteps of the Swabians in Șandra, for example, can do so via the Timisoara transport infrastructure. Turism Timiș proposes a series of objectives that can be visited using public transport starting from Timișoara: M36 – Sânmihaiu Român, Sânmihaiu German, M46 – Șag, M41 – Sânandrei, Carani, Băile Calacea, Orțișoara, Seceani, M48 – Cornești . The complete list of metropolitan lines can be found directly on the page of the Timişoara Public Transport Company, along with details on the updated schedule and the exact cost of transport and payment methods.

Experiences along the Romania – Serbia Cycle Path

The creation of the longest paved bicycle track in Romania, the track connecting Timișoara to Serbia along the Bega river, contributed in the following years to the development of services in the hospitality industry in the riparian area of ​​this river and to ecotourism activities, APDT representatives say Afraid In addition, the villages in the immediate vicinity of the track have activated a number of local elements aimed at attracting tourists and increasing the number of visitors from their destination.

APDT Timiș has made a Map of the objectives that can constitute a destination for any lover of new experiences near the Metropolis. The map includes data identifying the locations and the experiences they offer, ways to access them, but also the tourist attractions that can be discovered in the Begăi riverside villages, along the Romania-Serbia bike path.

The first virtual tour of the events of the 1989 Revolution

APDT Timiş realized in partnership with the Revolution Memorial Association realized The first virtual tour of the events of the 1989 Revolution: “In a time of digitization and diversification of experiences, we bring the stories of heroes and the events of December 1989 to the attention of younger generations, increasingly interested in technology, and offer our destination the opportunity to present, through VR glasses, information about this defining moment in history ours, as an invitation to discover the free spirit of people. The purpose of the approach is to promote this part of the identity of our destination among the younger generations, of those who did not directly experience the moments of 1989, in order to keep alive the memory of the heroes and the spirit of freedom of Timisoara.”

The tour can also be done inside the Revolution Memorial museum, which can be done with VR glasses, and contains both information and inserted images to evoke the mood of that period.

This new new tourism product, summer in the metropolis, is carried out within the program TimCulture 2022, carried out by the Timiş County Council.

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