October 2, 2022

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Successful anniversary event for Azomureș – Stiri din Mures, Stiri Targu mures

The celebration of the 60th anniversary of the founding of the Azomureș Chemical Plant animated the Medieval Citadel with various activities that were open to all those who wished. Folk dance performances and light music concerts were presented on the Great Stage.

The event was opened by the singer Gențiana Ganea, an artist from the city of Târgu Mureș, who delighted the audience with her own songs but also with famous covers. Then the members of the “Șireagul” Ensemble took the stage, the group initiated by a handful of young employees of the combine in 1965 who considered at that time that they must rely on traditions, folklore, popular music, art that here, in Transylvania is full of valences. In 1972, the ensemble was taken over by Gheorghe Vanga, who managed to bring numerous awards to the dance troupe’s track record. The “Sireagul” ensemble represented Romania in several festivals and competitions held in Poland, Italy, Turkey, Greece, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, Hungary, England, Israel, USA, Spain, Portugal and Moldova.

Workshops and games for children

On the opposite side of the stage, towards the Bastionul Poartă of the fortress, the Azomureș team made available various educational activities but also intended only for fun. The children were able to shoot with a bow at the target, played badminton, fussball championships, participated in group activities moderated by a storyteller, and happily received face paintings made by several plastic artists. The children were also able to participate in educational workshops such as the one held by two actresses of the “Ariel” Theater from Târgu Mureș, Alice Bratu and Emilia Banciu.

“We have a show at the Ariel Theater called ‘Sleeping Beauty’ where the main characters are made of vegetables and fruits. We make them every time before from fresh vegetables and fruits. Many times it happened that we stayed at the end of the show so that the little ones could also build puppets from fruits and vegetables. Starting from this idea, we brought the last part to today’s event, namely the doll building workshop. The goal is for the little ones to love fruits and vegetables more and more”, explained Emilia Banciu and Alice Bratu.

Senior staff meeting

The festive event was attended by former employees of the Azomureș Combine who enjoyed the reunion with their colleagues, the 60th anniversary celebration being a good opportunity to recall precious memories.

“I worked for 40 years in Azomureș and I’m glad that on this day I arrived here, to see the former management, the former colleagues. May God give health to all employees and staff, may they not close, may their colleagues not remain on the roads. Azomureș is very important for agriculture. I’m crying because I’ve worked there for 40 years, at the same job. I’m glad that I reached these years and that I was able to come here”, said one of the former employees participating in the event.

Mr. Fane worked from 1971 to 2016 and is with his colleague and friend, Mr. Oprișor who worked in Azomureș from 1967 to 2006 at the thermal plant. I remember those times with nostalgia. They had many advantages as employees of the Combine, and now each of them says that they enjoy and are satisfied with the pension they have.

“TVs were given, we received transport subscriptions, tickets for spa and treatment resorts, only Biborțeni and Borsec gave us mineral water, we had priority for housing, priority for children at nurseries. Was well. I paid 56 lei for a studio apartment, me being a boy. It was pure alms. We hope that the whole Azomureș business will recover”, said the two comrades.

The storm did not stop the good will of the celebrants

The event was interrupted for a short time by the stormy weather but continued later with the popular dance performance of the Professional Artistic Ensemble “Mureșul”, the concert performed by Smoothie & The Urbans, Adda and Horia Brenciu.

“We were very happy that in the first part of the event we had with us many former employees, retirees who enjoyed what we saw, the reunion with former colleagues. There was also a music program that we dedicated the first part to them and we really enjoyed it. We had a short break from the storm, but we overcame the moment and then in the second part of the event we had the performance of the “Mureșul” Ensemble again with the Romanian, Hungarian, Saxon dance, a moment appreciated by the audience, and then Smoothie & The Urbans, Adda and Horia Brenciu ended the evening to the applause of those present in the Cetate. All in all, we believe that it was an event appreciated by our colleagues, but also by collaborators and the Târgumures community that participated with us”, said Ovidiu Maior, Azomureș spokesperson.

Also, the organizers offered food vouchers in the value of 5, 7 or 10 lei for the participants to enjoy the dishes of their choice and the tasty drinks available throughout the day.


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