October 2, 2022

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Study on medical recovery through Kangoo Jumps launched in Târgu Mureș – News from Mures, News Targu mures

A team of doctors from Târgu Mures and Oradea and Kangoo Jumps Romania launched, on Thursday evening, the “KapooKneeS” study, unique in the world, regarding knee health and medical recovery by practicing Kangoo Jumps, during the first edition of the “Kangoo Jumps Summer” event Challenge” from Târgu Mures.
The study is to be carried out by an interdisciplinary team consisting of Dr. Octav Russu, orthopedics and traumatology primary physician, knee specialist from Târgu Mureş, Dr. Alin Iova, general medicine physician, physiotherapist, specialist in sports recovery and lipotherapy from Oradea, Dr. Olivia Burta , primary physician in laboratory medicine from Oradea, Dr. Puşa Dorina Farcaş, primary physician in medical recovery, physical medicine and balneology from Oradea and Dr. Andrei Feier, resident physician in Orthopedics and Traumatology, and Nenad Djurovic, physical trainer, will participate in the sports recovery part from Târgu Mureş and Kinga Sebestyén, physical trainer from Miercurea-Ciuc.
“For now, it is a study seed, so to speak. If things line up and we manage to fit all the aspects of a scientific study, i.e. a methodology, a number of patients to follow, a series of parameters, the study will start in September. There will be a first evaluation at three months, the second evaluation will be at six months. If the study is done honestly, the results will be scientifically sound, regardless of whether they show that this direction is favorable or not. It is a team that has taken shape, there is a part of anthropometric measurements, I will take care of the orthopedic evaluation part of those who want to enroll in the study”, Dr. Octav Russu told the press.

The doctor specified that the participants in the “KapooKneeS” study will be divided into several groups, one group will be without orthopedic pathology and one group with orthopedic pathology, some groups will perform the exercises with Kangoo Jumps boots, and others will work in shoes sports.
Dr. Octav Russu stated that until now there is no extensive study published in this field.
“The results aim to see how the quality of life for these people will improve, or if it will improve. When you propose to do something, you have to look at what science says up to that moment, about what you want to research. I found only one study that is not very solid, because it has a very small number of participants. Something interesting might come out here. From my point of view I think the most important thing, as I said, is that the scientific part is done honestly. I think that for now – what I’m saying is an intuitive thing – having these springs in the construction of the boots might lessen the impact that a simple jump has on the knee. I think it is very important that whatever form of movement you practice, you do it under the supervision of a certified instructor. The form of movement you do must be correctly executed”, said Dr. Russu.

The resident doctor Andrei Feier stated that the deadline for the study is six months, starting from September, and the registered participants must take part in three trainings per week, being guided, evaluated and monitored by the team doctors.
The recovery program will also include cardio training, toning and nutrition.
The president of Kangoo Jumps Romania, Kinga Sebestyén, who brought the “kangoo jumps” phenomenon to Romania in 2007 and is the founder of the “Kapo-health in boots” study and programs, stated that the idea of ​​the study started from the desire to help people who don’t I can do sports because of various knee problems.
“Together with the medical team, we want to demonstrate that exercises on rebound boots, by practicing them correctly, reduce the recovery period, and those who are not allowed to do sports due to knee pathology, can safely practice these exercises”, said Kinga Sebestyén.
The study initiated, on Thursday, in Târgu Mureş, is based on a research carried out in 2019, in Oradea, in which Kinga Sebestyén, Dr. Alin Iova, Dr. Puşa Dorina Farcaş and Dr. Olivia Burta took part, which also lasted six months and included 100 people.
Among the results of that research, we found weight loss, adipose tissue reduction, fat tissue reduction, muscle mass increase, metabolic age decrease, hydration improvement, visceral fat reduction, fat envelope reduction and overall posture improvement: the waist line, shoulders, knees have were balanced (the initial posture of the participant requiring such an improvement).


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