October 2, 2022

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Steps forward for the modernization of the Acatari commune – Stiri din Mures, Stiri Targu mures

The mayor of Acățari commune, Osváth Csaba, presented to the local community the annual report on the economic, social and environmental state of the administrative-territorial unit of Acățari for the year 2021. The document is structured in 11 pages and was published on the web page of the Acățari commune Municipality, www.acatari.ro.

“The activity of Acățari Municipality was oriented, in particular, to the fulfillment of the objectives established by the local public administration, the application and implementation of the Local Council Decisions, the observance of the obligations and attributions established by law and other normative acts. The main objectives in 2021 were: efficient management of resources, of the local budget, and last but not least, the well-being of the citizens of the Acățari commune”, stated Osváth Csaba.

According to him, the major investments of the Acățari commune followed those of previous years, “in the sense that the continuity of investments, modernizations and repairs started in previous years was desired.”

“The update of the General Urban Plan and the Local Urban Regulation of the Acatari commune continued, the work contains four specific stages of the elaboration of the General Urban Plan, of which stage 2 was completed, consisting of preliminary studies for the realization of the situation. The procedures of stage 3 have been started, consisting in the correction of the plans according to the topographical measurements for the demarcation of intravillages. The drafting of the general memorandum/Local Urban Planning Regulation is in progress”, pointed out Osváth Csaba.

Summary of the Report

Voluntary Service for Emergency Situations

“The activity of the service is very complex, starting with the prevention and extinguishing of fires, interventions in case of emergency situations, such as in case of floods, interventions on public roads in the area of ​​competence: Gheorghe Doja, Craciuneşti, Acățari, Păsăreni. The service operates with 6 employees and 48 volunteers. In 2021, the Voluntary Service for Emergency Situations had a number of 30 interventions, of which 6 fires, 18 traffic accidents and 6 other interventions, such as transporting water for disinfection.”

Community Public Service for the Registration of Persons

“The population served by the Community Public Service for Personal Records is 11,337 people, of which 4,819 are from the Acățari commune. In 2021, a number of 53 production lots were picked up from BJABDEP Mureș. A number of 886 identity documents were issued, respectively a number of 74 residences were established. A number of 680 requests were registered in the entry-exit register, a number of 111 requests for information were resolved. A number of 60 births and a number of 153 deaths were operated in the database. Controls were periodically carried out at the protection institutions 7 (children and the elderly) from the SPCLEP Acățari area (Păsăreni and Bălăuşeri) and a number of 42 people were placed in legal custody. In 2021, a number of 2 birth certificates, 20 marriage certificates and 48 death certificates were drawn up for civil status. A number of 142 civil status certificates (birth, marriage, death) were issued. A number of 247 mentions were received/ operated/ sent. A number of 876 positions were registered in the entry-exit register.”

The Taxes and Taxes Department

“93 files for insolvency were verified, it was approved for the removal from the tax records of natural persons in a state of insolvency for a number of 5 people, the amount of debts being 4,739 lei. The data was collected and 20 insolvency files were drawn up in the chapter on fines in the amount of 11,070 lei. Files worth 18,500 lei were transferred, and fines worth 5,068 lei were recovered.”

Agricultural Service

“In the field of the agricultural register, in 2021 the transcriptions of the agricultural registers for the period 2020-2024 were completed, and the number of households registered in these registers by village and by volume type are: Acatari 584, Stejeriș 152, Murgești 270, Roteni 408, Vălenii 414, Gruișor 156, Corbești 60, Găiesti 190, Suveica 132, in total 2,366 households. Foreigners (with domicile in other localities) a number of 1,267 positions, legal entities (T03) a number of 93 positions, in total a number of 3,726 positions. For these positions, 16 chapters are completed, as appropriate, each with specific data, and so far it has been possible to complete these registers in electronic format and in written format.”


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