September 29, 2022

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Station improperly moved in front of the headquarters of some companies in Târgu Mureș?! – News from Mures, Targu Mures News

Recently, a group of entrepreneurs who operate in the area of ​​the future Lidl store on 22 Decembrie 1989 street, at the exit from Târgu Mureș towards Sângeorgiu de Mureș, addressed the Zi de Zi editorial office to express their dissatisfaction vis a vis the relocation of a bus stop and the way in which the works are carried out, but also by the fact that their activity is seriously disrupted.

The location of the station, another to the public debate

One of the companies that actually found themselves with the construction site for the future bus station at the entrance to the office building is Nakita Prod Comimpex SRL, whose headquarters are located on 22 Decembrie 1989 street no. 150.

The manager of the company, Lucian Cueșdean, claims that in 2021 the Town Hall of the Municipality of Târgu Mureș organized a public debate on the theme of the improvements required by the construction of the new Lidl store, but at that debate it was stipulated that the bus station would be located somewhere between the limit the localities of Târgu Mureș and Sângeorgiu de Mureș, i.e. a few hundred meters away from his company.

(Photo caption: The project presented at the public debate in 2021: the proposed station is colored red; the headquarters of the company Nakita Prod Comimpex, in green)

“Someone later changed the project, probably without coming to see the concrete situation, on the spot. No one told me that a bus stop would be built in front of the company headquarters. At the public debate I attended the bus stop was in its original place. In front of the company, there was only a deceleration zone for cars. Basically, one day we woke up with some workers digging in front of the company. I asked them what they were doing and they answered that this is the project. Which project?!”, Lucian Cueșdean declared for the Zi de Zi daily.

The sidewalk of the station, located on private property

Another dissatisfaction presented by Nakita Prod Comimpex manager concerns the way the new bus station project was carried out. Bizarrely, it is built right on the border between the public domain and the property of Nakita Prod Comimpex.

(Photo explanation: Passengers will get off the bus on the private property of Nakita Prod Comimpex)

“If I theoretically fenced off my property, passengers getting off the bus would have nowhere to get off. He would get off the bus into the fence. You can’t build a bus stop without also leaving space for a pedestrian sidewalk. That sidewalk is on my property,” Lucian Cueșdean said.

Official explanations

We reproduce, in the lines below, the explanations on the side of this case received by the Zi de Zi editorial office from the officials of the Târgu Mureș City Hall.

“At the request of the Municipality of Târgu Mureș – the Public Domain Administration, building authorization no. 347/October 21, 2021 for arranging accesses and traffic lights at the intersection of 22 Decembrie 1989 street no. 150/152 – Lidl area. The issuance of the administrative act was based on a series of opinions/agreements, the technical documentation drawn up according to the specific legislation and the opinion of the Traffic Commission”, it is mentioned in an address signed by Soós Zoltán – mayor Anca Voichița Bâta – secretary general, Irma Costașuc – executive director and Szekely Zoltan – head of service

“Hereby, we inform you that the Traffic Commission’s opinion no. 3515/September 3, 2012, which requested the arrangement of bus stations on both sides, based on the Minutes of the Traffic Commission no. 33324/August 22, 2019”, also explained Florian Moldovan, director of the Public Domain Administration.

What was the point of the public debate?

In the end, at least two questions remain:

1) What was the point of the public debate organized in 2021 if later the local authorities in Târgu Mureș unilaterally decided to move the bus station based on opinions from 2012 and 2019. in contradiction with the conclusions of the respective public debate?!

(Photo caption: The project presented at the public debate in 2021: the proposed station is colored red; the headquarters of the company Nakita Prod Comimpex, in green)

2) If there was an opinion issued by ADP in September 2019 for the location of a bus stop on 22 Decembrie 1989 street no. 150-152, why was another project presented at the public debate in 2021 that provided for the location of the station in a different location than the one for which the approval was issued?!

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