March 25, 2023

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Special guests at the Regina Culture Days – Mures News, Targu Mures News

At the initiative of the PNL group from the Reghin Local Council, the City Hall and the Reghin Local Council organized, between September 23-25, the first edition of the Reghin Culture Days. The program for Friday, September 23, started at the “Petru Maior” Municipal Library, where the little ones had a series of activities dedicated to children. These included the presentation of the book “Giving stories…” authored by Prof. Univ. Dr. Maria Dorina Pașca. Also, primary school students from the “Augustin Maior” Secondary School enjoyed interactive activities: riddles from stories, cartoons and visiting the children’s library.

In the evening, on the stage of the Municipal House of Culture “Dr. Eugen Nicoară” performed a light music performance by the students of the “Augustin Maior” Secondary School, the members of the “Flori de pe Mureș” Association and the soloists Oana Morar, Cotoi Mario Andreas, Maria Grama, Anca Branea and Raoul.

The program for Saturday, September 24, included sports activities on the synthetic field in Tineretului Park, in the first part of the day, followed by the “Dr. Eugen Nicoară” to monopolize the activities of Zieler Culturii Reghinene. Starting at 5:00 p.m., beauty lovers were treated to the exhibition of plastic artists Marcel and Alexandra Naste, after which the actor Liviu Pancu was the protagonist of a One Man Show entitled “To be or not to be”.

“The concept of the One Man Show, from my point of view, as an artist and as a professional, involves a slight show of force, of entertainment, I could say. Being a slightly more western concept, I just brought it further east, to us in particular. I was tempted to choose bolder texts and I realized that I had gathered so much experience that I could talk about the evolution of the artist and actor Liviu Pancu. I left the universe, I touched God with my mind and soul, I passed to people, I passed the most important symbol of humanity, the mother, the woman, the Virgin Mary. I continued to wisdom, I came to the mundane worlds in the text of Francois Villon, after which I returned to something that belongs to our spirit, that moment when you can improvise with people, so that in the end everything can be crowned with the philosophy that I think we should put it as a motto of everyday life, we are human, we think and we have to behave as such”, said the actor Liviu Pancu. Saturday evening ended with a folk concert performed by Anotimpuri Group, Dody G., Angela Mariașiu, Majay Gyozo and Adrian Bezna.

On Sunday, September 25, sports activities continued in Tineretului Park. The “Anton Badea” Ethnographic Museum was also included in the host locations of the Regina Culture Days, thanks to the “Honey Road” event. The program of the day also included an organ and violin concert performed by Andrei Nădășan and Lucy Catrințașu, hosted by the Saxon Church in Reghin, and a folklore show at the House of Culture “Dr. Eugen Nicoară”, supported by soloists of the Cultural Association “Flori de pe Mureș” together with Ioan Florin Miler, Cristina Maria Farcaș, Andreea Morariu, Costi Dumitru, Maria Neag and Sorin Pantea.

“The first edition of the Regina Culture Days managed to bring a number of exceptional people to the forefront of our attention. I am proud of each of the musicians, artists, actors and athletes who have demonstrated their talent in recent days in our city. I’m glad that we managed to realize this event and thus prove that belonging to the Regina community can also be a source of pride!”, stated Gabriel Toncean, president of PNL Reghin, initiator of the Regina Cultural Days project.

Photo source: Facebook page of Reghin City Hall


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