October 2, 2022

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Spanish press: Eugen Sabău, the Romanian from Spain who shot his colleagues, was euthanized

Eugen Marin Sabău, the Romanian from Spain who shot three of his bosses and then shot a policeman, was euthanized at the Terrassa Penitentiary Hospital in Spain, the Spanish press reports.

The man’s last wish to spend a few days in a regular hospital where he could say goodbye to relatives and friends was rejected by the court yesterday.

The management of the penitentiary hospital approved that the close relatives could say goodbye and that the procedure would take place only in the presence of doctors.

Sabău agreed to donate his organs after euthanasia, so the whole process – which includes the collection and preparation of organs for transplantation – will take several hours, informs the Romanian’s lawyer, Gerard Amigó Bidó, for ȘtirileProTv.

The procedure by which he was euthanized was determined by his doctor. The man was first sedated, then given the lethal injection.

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Death in this case occurs in about 5-10 minutes, without suffering. A few days ago, he requested that his pretrial detention be lifted, without bail, to be transferred to a regular hospital, where he could be visited without any restrictions.

The judges rejected his request, on the grounds that there is a risk of escape. In addition, the Romanian never expressed his regret for the acts committed, nor did he ask for forgiveness from the victims. Those injured by him did not agree to assisted dying before a trial was completed, which could have determined the payment of damages. They will sue the Spanish state at the ECHR, because it did not ensure their right to justice.

Who was Marin Eugen Sabău, the first Romanian to be euthanized

The Romanian, a former security guard, stormed on December 21, 2021 with a rifle into the headquarters of the security company where he had worked and shot three of his former colleagues, and was then neutralized by the anti-terrorist teams of the Spanish police, at a farm where was hiding The bullets hit his spinal cord and he was left a paraplegic, with no possibility of recovery, so he never left the hospital where he had been admitted, to be taken to prison.

In order to escape from a humiliating life, Marin Eugen Sabău requested in court that his right to be euthanized be approved and he became the first prisoner in Spain to benefit from a favorable decision in this regard. The superior court in Tarragona rejected the appeal against the decision of the first court, also favorable to the Romanian, reports the daily “El Pais”.

The court in Tarragona considered that there are no legal grounds for revoking the decision already issued by the investigating court and considered that the situation of insurmountable vulnerability, pain and suffering suffered by Marin Eugen Sabău legitimizes his request for voluntary death, before he can be tried.

Reasoning of the court

“I am paraplegic. I have 45 stitches in my hand. I can’t move my left arm well. I have screws and I can’t feel my chest,” said Sabău on July 11, heard via video conference from the Terrassa prison hospital, where he was hospitalized, in support of his request for euthanasia.

The Euthanasia Law equates the legal process to a natural death and does not entail “a violation of the right to effective judicial protection”, invoked by the victims’ lawyers, the court also established.

The injured policeman’s lawyer and another of his colleagues appealed the decision by extraordinary means, but the claims were rejected.

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