October 2, 2022

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Spain: The massive fire in the Valencia region is under control

The evolution of the large-scale fire in Bejis, in the region of Valencia (eastern Spain), is favorable and the spread of the flames is under control, the emergency services announced on Saturday, reports AFP.

“The evolution of the fire is favorable. There are no flames in most of the perimeter’, the emergency services of the Valencia region announced on Twitter on Saturday morning. It was necessary to act ‘in ravines with difficult access where there were flames’.

The president of the Valencia region, Ximo Puig, said that ‘the evolution of the fire in Bejis is favorable and the spread of the flames was limited’.

The National Security Directorate indicated, for its part, that the fire covered an area of ​​135 km and that the preventive evacuation of 2,200 inhabitants of the area was maintained, as well as the isolation of approximately 1,500 people from two villages, Alcublas and Andilla .

Hundreds of firefighters, supported by helicopters and tanker planes, are fighting against this fire that broke out on Monday in the province of Castellon, coming dangerously close to the Sierra Calderona natural park.

Spain: The massive fire in the Valencia region is under control

The fire in Bejis broke out two days after the one in Vall d’Ebo, in the same region, and the two fires led to the evacuation of 3,000 people. The rains that fell in the middle of the week allowed the fire in Vall d’Ebo to be extinguished on Friday, but the one in Bejis remained active.

According to data provided by the European Copernicus Climate Change Service, the fire in Bejis destroyed 17,500 hectares of land, and the one in Vall d’Ebo about 9,300 hectares.

Since the beginning of the year, Spain has faced 391 forest fires that have destroyed 283,000 hectares, three times more than in 2021, according to the European Forest Fire Information System (EFFIS), according to Agerpres.

60 kilometers from Valencia, 19,000 hectares have already burned.

The town hall of a village near the fire announces through the loudspeakers placed on the church tower that things are progressing favorably. Through the decision of the firefighters, it is possible that the obligation imposed on all citizens to stay in their homes will be lifted.

For four days, the smoke coming from the affected areas has endangered people’s health. Therefore, even those who were not evacuated made great sacrifices.

Spain, affected by forest fires on an unprecedented scale

The rain of two nights ago came as a blessing, say even the firemen who have been fighting for almost a week with the fires of an unprecedented force in 30 years in the Valencia area. The 20 liters per square meter transformed the fire from an uncontrolled one to a low-risk one, but the joy and hope lasted only one day.

The strong wind rekindled the fire and gave it even greater force. The good news, expected by the thousands of victims, did not come. There are five localities where people are not allowed to leave their homes, four others are deserted, all the inhabitants fleeing the path of the flames to take shelter with relatives, friends or in specially designed centers.

The thick smoke can be seen and felt for a hundred kilometers. On the coast and in the big cities, Valencia and Castellón, residents found ash on their cars in the morning. Incessantly, the 50 special firefighting aircraft take water from the sea and throw it over the flames. It’s a seemingly hopeless job, with an area of ​​120 square kilometers to be covered, but when you consider that three other fires in the area have been declared extinguished, there is hope for those watching in horror as the horizon is obscured by clouds of smoke.

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