October 2, 2022

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Sorin Cîmpeanu published the result of the analysis of his doctoral thesis

The Minister of Education, Sorin Cîmpeanu, made public, on Sunday, the report of the analysis commission in the case of his own doctoral thesis, which he defended in 2000, noting that “no deviations from the ethical norms concerning the form and content of the doctoral thesis” and that it was not considered appropriate to submit the paper for other checks.

“Following the verbal request, received on Thursday – August 25, 2022, during a press conference, when I was directly asked for the first time to make public the result of the analysis of my own doctoral thesis, defended in the year 2000, I decided to post this document received almost a year ago In 1992, 30 years ago, when I initiated doctoral research on a topic that has become essential today, but which was pioneering at the time – the environmental impact of of anthropic activities and the identification of solutions that correspond to the circular economy – we did not anticipate how much interest the results of these researches would arouse for some people”, Cîmpeanu wrote on Facebook, according to Agerpres.

He mentioned that, “following an analysis carried out by specialists in the field, doubled by the verification by means of the most used software for detecting similarities (plagiarism system and Turnitin)”, it turned out that “the doctoral thesis complies with the norms of university ethics and deontology research and, at the same time, the work has scientific and practical value, being topical even today, constituting a reference work in the field of ecological agriculture, land improvement works and, last but not least, the protection of environmental factors”.

Cîmpeanu showed that the report shows that “no deviations from the ethical norms regarding the form and content of the doctoral thesis were found”.

“The similarity coefficient c1, which represents the percentage weight in the document and contains groups of 5 words or longer, found in Internet resources, is 0.87% compared to the 50% threshold set by this software as indicating suspected plagiarism. The similarity coefficient c2, which represents the percentage weight in the document from the perspective of phrases of 25% or longer, found in Internet resources, is 0.00%…”. The commission’s conclusion is that “the doctoral thesis is obviously the result of original research carried out by its author in the field, in a continuous manner, for 8 years. Consequently, we appreciate that it is neither timely nor motivated, in fact and in law, a decision to submit the analyzed doctoral thesis, in view of other checks”, Cîmpeanu also wrote.

The result of the commission that checked his doctoral thesis in 2021 was “laudatory”

On Thursday, the Minister of Education declared that the result of the commission that verified his doctoral thesis in 2021 was “commendative” and that the anti-plagiarism software generated values ​​several dozen times lower than those that trigger the suspicion of plagiarism.

“A commission was established to analyze from all perspectives – scientific and respecting the norms of university ethics and deontology, made up of specialists, who in my opinion are beyond any doubt from the perspective of moral and scientific prestige. (…) His decided to set up the commission for the verification of the doctoral thesis defended in 2000. The content from a scientific perspective is described in detail by this commission and is assumed. It is far too laudatory to be able to present it publicly. It is the fruit of 8 years of work, daily experiences in the field. From the perspective of the norms of university ethics and deontology (…) the result was that of respecting absolutely all the norms. It was checked with two anti-plagiarism software (…) and the analysis reports revealed that the similarity coefficients are several dozen times smaller than those from which the suspicion of plagiarism is triggered”, stated Cîmpeanu in a press conference.

Cîmpeanu stated that he did not publish the conclusions of the investigation because he did not feel the need to communicate “a laudatory result” regarding an 8-year work. “If it had been otherwise, I would have asked to continue the analysis process,” he added.

The Minister of Education stated on August 9, 2021 that his doctoral thesis is public at the National Library and could be consulted “for the last 20 years”.

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