October 2, 2022

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Sorin Cîmpeanu: All the experts were consulted for the elaboration of education laws

Sorin Cîmpeanu: All the experts were consulted for the elaboration of education laws

The Minister of Education, Sorin Cîmpeanu, said on Monday, referring to the education bills, that for five and a half years all education experts were consulted within the “Educated Romania” project.

“Last year we had a health crisis, it was not a favorable time, then we entered the winter holidays, these days were not suitable for the debate. Then in February we had the crisis in Ukraine, then the Easter holidays, then we had the start and preparation of exams national. It is never the right time. I repeat, it is a debate that will continue. (…)

For five and a half years in “Educated Romania”, I know that all education experts were consulted. Moreover, during these debates, which were in no way controlled, in which we consulted with non-governmental organizations, I don’t think they can be controlled. Neither the student associations, nor the student associations. The representatives of the economic environment cannot be controlled either. (…) For five and a half years, all the specialists in Education Sciences were consulted.

Then in July 2021 we had the final “Educated Romania” Report. The draft education laws are based on the final report “Educated Romania” which benefited from the consultation of these specialists”said the minister, at Digi 24.

The “emergency” dismissal of Minister Sorin Cîmpeanu was requested

The statement of the Minister of Education comes in the context of a petition in which President Klaus Iohannis is asked to “emergency” dismiss the minister

He said that the petitions represent “a citizen’s right” that “must be respected” and that must “follow its course. “Petitions are a citizen’s right, they must be respected, they must follow their course. We deal with the reform in education, we centralize all the proposals that we appreciate as being in the sense of improving the draft law and we will advance them to the Parliament, which in turn will launch a debate. It is the Parliament that adopts the laws, not the Ministry of Education”explained Cîmpeanu.

He stated that on Tuesday morning there will be a meeting with the prefects and the representatives of the county school inspectorates to see the state of preparation of the schools, a meeting in which Prime Minister Nicolae Ciucă will also participate.

The signatories of the petition state that the draft laws of education will create blockages in the school system

The petition’s signatories state that the draft laws on education “lack vision and coherence” and “deliberately move away” from the spirit of the presidential program “Educated Romania”.

“The draft laws were drawn up without consulting education experts from major Romanian universities. The consultations around them were carried out premeditated during the vacation and legal rest periods of teachers, researchers and students, affecting in this way the social rights established by law of these social categories.

The duration of the consultations was despicably short to allow a genuine social and professional dialogue around projects that risk affecting the life of the entire society for a very long time. The consultations took place in controlled, politicized environments, with partners approved by the minister, from which critical opinions about the projects were excluded.”the petition states.

The signatories claim that the bills, “which are an endless collection of administrative measures, contain numerous chaotic provisions that, if implemented, will create blockages in the school system, thus forcing from the first moment the adoption of amendments to these laws”, according to Agerpres.

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