September 29, 2022

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Solutions are being sought for the completion of the “Transalpina de Apuseni” road – Mures News, Targu Mures News

The Alba County Council (CJ) is looking for a new builder to finish the works started three years ago on DJ 107I (“Transalpina de Apuseni”), lot 1, currently stopped.
In May, the contract with the company that initially won the tender was terminated, after it completed only 30% of the project that should have been completed in the spring of 2023.
Thus, at the end of this week, the announcement regarding the organization of an open tender for the award of a public procurement contract for the execution of the rest of the works on the first lot, 43.5 kilometers long, of DJ 107I Aiud – Rîmeţ – Brădeşti was published in SEAP – Geogel – Măcăreşti – Bîrleşti Cătun – Cojocani- Valea Barnii – Bîrlesti – Mogoş – Valea Albă – Ciuculeşti – Bucium – Izbita – Coleşeni – Bucium Village – DN 74 (Cerbu).
The estimated value of the contract is over 127 million lei.
The project carried out with European funds, the largest in the country for the modernization of a county road, had an initial total value, according to the financing contract signed in June 2017, of over 188 million lei, of which approximately 184 million lei represented non-refundable financing . Of this, the value of the contract for lot 1 was over 74.1 million lei, of which 24 million lei was paid for the executed works.
Recently, CJ Alba, “taking into account the current economic context, as well as the fact that the evaluation of the investment project in question was carried out in prices related to 2018”, changed the value of the investment following the update of the remainder to be executed, which also involved updating the general estimate and the technical-economic indicators of the investment. Thus, the total value of the project increased from over 188 million lei to over 280 million lei. At the same time, Alba County’s own contribution to the project was established, representing the payment of all non-eligible expenses of the project, as well as the contribution of 1.4636% of the eligible value of the project, amounting to over 44.4 million lei, representing the co-financing of the project.
According to a statement sent to Agerpres on May 19, CJ Alba terminated the contract with the main contractor on lot 1 of “Transalpinea de Apuseni”, a company from Cluj, which had completed only 30% of the works in three years and which, at the same time, in December 2021, came under the protection of the insolvency law, a fact which, implicitly, attracted complications and slowed down the pace of the works.
“In addition to this situation, with the bankruptcy of City Insurance, the company no longer managed to offer a guarantee of good execution, related and essential to the contract, in the amount of 10% of the value. No other guarantee option was possible, not being an option for insurers in the case of contracts exceeding six months in execution. Likewise, the successive deduction from the value of partial invoices could not be put into practice. At this moment, the stage of work on this lot is 30%, with a settled value of 24,000,000 lei. Practically, we are talking about embankments, consolidations, bridges, retaining walls, concrete ditches and gutters, 13 kilometers of connecting layer and other elements put into operation”, it was mentioned in the press release of CJ Alba from May.
According to the same source, the reason that imposed the termination of the contract was the fact that, without a guarantee of good execution, the financier does not accept reimbursement requests.
Regarding lot 2, CJ Alba sent this month to the builder, the same company from Cluj, a contract termination notice. According to representatives of CJ Alba, also on this lot, the stage of executed works is about 30%.
After, following the termination, the value of the works remaining to be executed on this lot will be updated, the total value of the investment will be increased again.
The modernization work must be completed by the end of next year, otherwise the grant will be forfeited.
The project is implemented by CJ Alba, in partnership with the town halls of the municipality of Aiud and the communes of Rîmeţ, Ponor, Mogoş, Bucium.
The road crosses one of the most beautiful areas of Alba County, through the Metaliferi Mountains, and reaches, at the highest point, an altitude of over 1,000 meters. Once modernized, the road, 78.4 kilometers long, will make a number of tourist destinations much more accessible. It will connect the Sebeş-Turda highway and DN 74, the main national road from Apuseni.


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