May 28, 2023

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Social Pharmacy, call for solidarity – News from Mures, Targu Mures News

The Social Pharmacy announced on Thursday that it is almost unable to support free medication for Ukrainian refugees and appealed to citizens’ solidarity, especially since since the beginning of the armed conflict in Ukraine it has helped more than 300 Ukrainian patients with free medication.
“We are very quickly approaching the moment when we will no longer be able to provide free of charge, uncompensated by CNAS, from our own social fund, the medicines prescribed to the refugee citizens who are in Mureş county. From our records, on October 20, 2022, 342 Ukrainian citizens are identified, of which 177 are children and who are insured in the national health insurance system based on OG15/2022. These patients will ask prescribing doctors to issue standard prescriptions and will try to issue the prescribed treatment in any pharmacy with the mention that they are exempt from the co-payment for the compensated prescribed medication. We thank all the partners who made the project of private financing of the needs of refugees possible (…) All those who want to get involved through volunteering or with financial support are asked to contact us by phone at 0769041200 or by email at [email protected]”, announced the social entrepreneur and administrator of the Social Pharmacy, Marius Dumitrescu, in a press release.
Dumitrescu emphasized that, almost 8 months after the start of the conflict in Ukraine, the total costs of free medication reached approximately 50,000 lei and were borne from the own social fund and from private sources from the writing of projects.
“These patients were helped with the transport and translation necessary to carry out the medical consultation and, based on the medical prescription, they were provided with all the medication free of charge, outside the national health insurance system (…) It is important to mention that during all this time , the number of social cases from Mureş county, with a nationality other than Ukrainian, who requested and benefited from support from the Social Pharmacy, increased, with no interruptions regarding their medical assistance at any time (…) The Social Pharmacy, along with The SURYAM Association and the Mureş Red Cross founded MuresHub, a project intended for all vulnerable people from the Mures county level and which aims for close collaboration between organizations directly involved in the social field”, stated Dumitrescu.
He also stated that, according to GEO 15/2022, people who come from the armed conflict zone in Ukraine and enter Romania, who request international protection in Romania, who require medical services, sanitary materials, medicines and medical devices, benefit from the package of basic services provided for in the framework contract, as well as medicines, sanitary materials, medical devices and medical services included in the national curative health programs, as well as Romanian insured persons, without payment of the social health insurance contribution, of the personal contribution for the medicines granted in outpatient treatment and with exemption from the co-payment.
“If the patient does not know the Romanian language, the information is brought to his attention in his native language or in the language he knows, or, as the case may be, another form of communication will be sought,” stated Marius Dumitrescu.


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