May 28, 2023

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Shout out adventure: Rotary Club Teka, charity action in Africa! – News from Mures, Targu Mures News

We live with our souls connected to each other and even though we are thousands of miles apart, we still hold hands. Pine souls. Thus, from one soul to another, goodness is transmitted across seas and countries. It is also transmitted from Romania, from Târgu Mureș, from the Rotary Club Teka Association…

Thus, a team made up of representatives of the Club dared to participate in the biggest off-road rally for amateurs in the world, entering the “Budapest-Bambako” adventure. The rally will start on Friday, October 21 from Budapest and will conclude in about two and a half weeks, when the adventurers will arrive in Freetown, Africa, after 9,432 kilometers covered. The “Rotary, Road to Africa” ​​team consists of Attila Z. Jeszenszky, Csaba Szilveszter Bíró and Dr. István György-Fazakas, who will enter the race in a LandRover Discovery. They participate not with the goal of bringing the big prize, but with the goal of bringing a much bigger prize to those there, to the children whose joy will be boundless.

Category competition

Attila Z. Jeszenszky, member of the Rotary Teka Club, shared some information with the daily newspaper Zi de Zi, on Wednesday, October 19, just before leaving for Budapest.

“The competition is held under the brand “Budapest-Bamako”, Bamako being the capital of the country of Mali. We do not get there, due to the fact that there are certain problems involved. So we go to Sierra Leone, that’s the end of the road, in Freetown. The organizer kept the name because it was already known. They have been organizing these rallies for about 14 years, which involve three categories. I mean, there are people who go to rallies just for the competition, to collect points and everything needed to rank high and get a good time. There are a few other cars, like us, participating on the same route, but the priority is the charity part, so we are participating in the adventure for charity. We don’t have to be on time, we don’t have to collect the necessary points, but we want to complete the respective route of the competition. And there’s another group of teams called “Spirit” that go with all kinds of cars. For example, I have acquaintances, two or three people, who come with a Dacia 1300. Many of this type, when I met them, said that they don’t care what they drive, if it can be driven with a washing machine, it goes The important thing is to get there. So that’s the Spirit category. We chose this option, 4×4, to be on an adventure, but still be as comfortable as possible for us. It’s my first time participating, but a colleague I’m going with now, he was also 10 years ago, but it didn’t end up because his car broke down. He wasn’t ready for that road and he didn’t make it,” Attila Z. Jeszenszky pointed out.

Adventure for charity

For those whose stake in participation is not winning the race, the focus falls on a higher purpose. On kindness. The one that, packed here with us, crosses cities, waters and time, to find its nest in the souls of those from whom we could learn so many lessons…

“So we are mailing 50 laptops, which the Rotary Association bought from PC House, from the donations we received. The car will be sold there, and with that money we will buy local supplies for the children in the area. We have a collaboration with the Rotary Club there in Freetown and they proposed this option to us, to buy everything we need there, because it’s easier and that way we don’t have to transport them through so many countries. Many companies from Mures have helped us with many donations, including individuals, but also from other Rotary clubs. We received both money and objects, supplies, plus some t-shirts received from the Community Foundation, to take to the children. The trip will last about three weeks, somewhere on November 8 we should arrive in Sierra Leone, then two more days to distribute the gifts. Then we start back, by plane because the car stays there”, said Rotary Teka Club, Attila Z. Jeszenszky.


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