March 25, 2023

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Shocking testimonies in the case of the woman who threatened to throw her little girl in front of cars. What was this saying to the child

Disturbing scenes unfolded in Constanța, where several passers-by managed to save a seven-year-old girl from death. The child, naked and wrapped in a sheet, was in the arms of the mother, who threatened to throw her in front of the cars.

She was actually heading towards a busy boulevard when she was stopped by one of the witnesses.

Man:A lady, I am running after her now, has a child bound hand and foot“.

Woman:Not true“!

Man:She’s all wrapped up in a towel and I’m running after her now“.

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the mother who wanted to throw her daughter in front of the cars

The little one was trying to ask for help

The images show the 31-year-old woman running towards the road with the little girl wrapped in a sheet. The little one was trying to ask for help and was asking why she was tied up. Several passers-by saw the mother and realized something was wrong. One of them, a man, ran after her, during which he also spoke to the 112 dispatcher.

Man:Yeah, his head is wrapped in a towel, I don’t know. Her hands are tied. Stay here, lady. where are you running“?

The man told PRO TV News that the woman was mumbling incomprehensible words.

Vasile Ilie, witness: In order not to throw the child into the street, I got into her, like this, to hold her as long as possible, until the police intervened“.

Reporter: Did your child seem scared?

Vasile Ilie, witness: “He was scared, madam. Why am I tied up, said the child. I’m tied up“!

The woman said a charm to the little one to rid her of the devil

Witnesses later stated that, while the woman was walking towards the busy boulevard, they heard her telling the little girl that this was how she would get rid of the devil. The police consider the possibility of a premeditated gesture.

There are witnesses who say that they saw the woman while she was leaving the neighborhood where she lives and she was accompanied by the little seven-year-old girl, completely naked. At one point, she stopped the car, somewhere almost a kilometer away from the house, wrapped the child in a sheet and, chanting incantations dedicated to the child, ran desperately through the alleys of a block of flats.

Another witness to the incident called 119, Telefonul Copilului.

Mădălina Turza, state councillor, coordinator of the program “Out of care for children”:A very self-possessed lady called and said that a child in underwear and with a towel on his head is in danger, the mother has a cross on her. The call was picked up by us and we also called 112“.

Several policemen and inspectors from Child Protection arrived in the area, took the mother home, together with the little one.

There they tried to talk to her, but because they did not understand each other, they took her to the Psychiatry Department of the Constanța County Hospital for an evaluation. The woman is not registered with mental problems. Her husband is a sailor, and now she is traveling.

Mihaela Ristea, DGASPC spokesperson:The minor remained in the care of the maternal grandfather while the mother received medical care“.

The woman told investigators she didn’t mean to hurt him

In her few moments of lucidity, the woman told investigators that she did not intend to harm the child, but only to lower her fever. Doctors say, however, that the girl is not sick. For now, it is not clear what might have triggered this shocking episode.

Elena Stambuli, psychologist: There are two causes, either mental disorder or psychosis, which can lead to such delusional ideas. She may have gone all the way if she hadn’t been stopped in time“.

The child’s father is expected in the country in a few days. Only then will a decision be made regarding the girl’s custody.

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