March 25, 2023

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Shocking images appeared from the fight between Anamaria Prodan and Laurentiu Reghecampf! The two shared fists! Images with strong emotional impact

UPDATE | Where did the conflict between Anamaria Prodan and Reghecampf start?

New images of the fight between Anamaria Prodan and Laurentiu Reghecampf have been made public. Apparently it was the impresario who challenged the trainer, until he gave in and hit her. At the end of the clip, the impresario pulls the coach towards the man filming and asks him: “Did you film?” which may represent evidence that the incident was premeditated.

The two were involved in a violent conflict on Friday night. From the first images, it can be seen how the two got into a fight in a parking lot.

  • The two are in the midst of a divorce.

Anamaria Prodan and Laurentiu Reghecampf they arrived at the police station from Snagov on Friday night after being involved in a monster scandal. The aggressions between the two went beyond verbal barriers, reaching physical violence.

Neftchi Baku’s coach was caught leaving the ward with a bruised eye, while the manager accused her ex-husband of assaulting both her and her son, as well as his driver.

Laurentiu Reghecampf spoke after the scandal with Anamaria Prodan! Why did he go to the villa in Snagov?

The technician would have gone to the villa in Snagov to visit his son, this after the court established a visiting schedule for him, a schedule imposed by an irrevocable presidential ordinance, informs Gândul. Thus, Reghecampf could visit his son and spend time with him on the 2nd and 4th weekends of a month, until the divorce is settled.

The interval received by Laurentiu Reghecampf would be Friday, from 4:00 p.m. to Sunday, at 8:00 p.m., so in this context his visit would have been justified. The cited source informs that Laurentiu Reghecampf Jr.’s nanny let him into the house, later notifying Anamaria Prodan, who did not object.

Later, the boy left for training, while Reghecampf went to his godfather, whose house is close to the one where Anamaria Prodan lives. The agent returned home and allegedly waited for the coach to come out of the godparents’ house, premeditatedly attacking him.

The technician would be ready to file another criminal complaint on behalf of the agent, for violating the court order. Laurentiu Reghecampf also made the first statements after the monster scandal in Snagov, saying that he chooses to remain silent out of respect for his son.

“I will never stop fighting for my son, but I will not force him to stay with me during the court-ordered program.

He is a priority for me and I understand to protect him, not to bring him into the discussions between me and his mother. I know the pressure he is under from his mother and I don’t want to expose him.

My silence and the fact that I don’t go out to speak publicly is because of the love I have for Bebe. I will never offend the mother of my child. We have a minor child and he is suffering terribly because of this story. And it’s not normal for him to be hurt by either parent’s behavior.” said Laurentiu Reghecampf according to Gândul.

Anamaria Prodan’s statements about the scandal with Laurentiu Reghecampf

“It happened what happens every time, in this country, if he is a public figure he is defended by one or the other, the law does not do its job. If this happened when we made the first complaint that we were afraid for our lives, Laurentiu Reghecampf wouldn’t have come smelling of alcohol, he can barely stand, the police don’t want to take his blood samples, nobody wants to do anything, all the world looks, smiles, that we live in Snagov and are celebrities.

The same policeman who a few months ago took my statement when he also came to our house, he came drunk as he is now, if you see how he looks. We can’t sit around killing ourselves in the house and have the police come and later realize that they were wrong for not taking action first.

He didn’t start from nothing, he came to see how he is, he started swearing, he cursed my son, he finally said that he was killing him, threatening us all with death. He threatens me with movies, I don’t know what movies he has, he recorded the girls in the house. That’s it, it’s over, I’ve been silent until now, I said that we’re public figures, for example, my child is suffering: ‘please, Mr. Reghecampf, for a year and eight months I’ve been begging you to get a divorce, you have a new family, you have a new life, you have children, let’s stay friends and if you ever want to see your child, you are welcome’.

He came today, after so many months to see his child, he threatened to take him by force, he did everything to us. Naturally he hit me, he came ‘to exercise his right to see his child’, but in fact he came to threaten his child and that’s it. That he takes it by force, that he puts me in prison, that he kills me, that he puts me in the ground and so on.

(not that he wanted to take Laurențiu Junior for baptism) He does not exist, nor did he ever invite him, nor did he ever pay attention to him. There is absolutely no help from him for the child. I want a divorce for a year and eight months, he probably came to bring the invitation of our neighbor, from there I asked him to come out and hang out and talk and close all this madness without the press, we at the notary, in Snagov , let no one know.

Bebeto asked him to leave the house in second 2, he entered the house without anyone’s consent, directly by burglary.

I tore the driver’s shirt, threatened him with death, scratched him, I got in between them, pushed him, took him, tried to calm him down, told him that I was filing a criminal complaint against him, that it’s not normal what is he doing You don’t get along with him, now the cops are keeping him there to recover, everyone knows the press is here, don’t let it seem…

He came with his driver, knowing the police were coming, it was the last straw. I want this divorce more than anything on this earth, I don’t want to be tied to this man anymore, I don’t want my child to suffer anymore.

I recorded, I had the mind, I’ve known him for 16-17 years, I knew what was going to happen, I recorded everything from the first second, my son filmed. Until the last second when he got into the car I begged him to stop threatening me with death.

(doesn’t he have scratches on his face? did you defend yourself against him) Well, you, if you try to hit me, what do you think you’re doing? Logically, if you hit me, choke me, curse the man, beat my friend, punch him in the face. What could we do? Let’s let him beat us, punch us in the face, he dragged me, he wanted to punch me, well, that’s enough. He files a criminal case against him, it’s over, no.

I helped him because he gave me a wonderful child, I kept silent about my child’s face for years. I tried to avoid everything, when I couldn’t anymore, I gave a few things to make them understand that they had to close”, said Anamaria Prodan upon leaving the Police.

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