March 25, 2023

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Shocking details about the case of the gynecologist from Polizu. Mother: Told him “I’ll cut his belly button so he dies”

After the birth she was put in a box with a lid and thrown in a sack.

12 hours later, the little girl was found still alive by a nurse who notified a doctor. He also filmed the child in the box, so prosecutors have video evidence on file.

The doctor claims that he thought the girl was dead, although the testimonies collected by the investigators contradict him.

The images were filmed in 2019 by a Polizu Maternity nurse.

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The woman was told to hand over the body of a fetus to the coroners. Shocked, she saw that the little girl had been crammed into a box and put in a sack.

Her death certificate had already been signed by her mother as well.

It all happened during Easter week. The mother was sent from Pitesti to the Polizu Maternity Hospital, with a risk of abortion.

On call was gynecologist Florian Robe, who took her to a treatment room, not a delivery room.

According to the protocols, this is the procedure in case of an abortion.

The baby girl was born there, but the doctor told the mother immediately after the birth that she had no vital signs.

12 hours later, however, the child was found alive, in the bag. When his colleagues started the fight to save her, the doctor had to return to the mother and tell her that the little girl is alive.

Doctor: “The child shows signs of wanting to live”

Marina Pletoiu, mother: “Everyone made me believe that, overnight, the child came back to life, that it was a miracle. That morning, the 25th, at 09.30, the doctor came and somehow took me by the neck and made me sit on the bed. He was aware that I might have a shock and told me: <>”.

After the initial shock, five months of nightmare followed during which the child stayed in the incubator.

Only later did the mother learn the truth from the nurse who had found the child in the box.

Doctor: “Bring him to me to cut his navel, so he dies”

Marina Pletoiu: “He didn’t want to tell me, but he couldn’t live with this lie, so to speak. He told me that on the morning of April 25, when he went to work, he went to the room where they collect garbage, to go take the garbage and throw it away. In a casserole he said he heard a rustle. She took the lid off that casserole, already the bag was moving, she opened the bag, already the little girl started crying when she opened the bag and, you can tell, she was amazed. He called Dr. Robe, told him it was a baby crying in a sack. He, without scruples, tells him: <

The mother filed a complaint against the doctor after three years

The mother claims that what happened caused her severe depression. Only at the beginning of this year did he find the strength to file a complaint against the doctor.

The prosecutors went down to the Polizu Maternity Hospital and picked up documents, evidence with which they confronted the doctor. A

cesta was heard and gave his first statements. Adrian Cuculis, the family’s lawyer, said that the doctor accused of acts of cruelty saw the images filmed by the nurse, but says he does not remember anything.

Prosecutors accuse the doctor that, although the vital signs were obvious and were reported to him by medical personnel who came into contact with the infant, he refused for more than 12 hours to take measures to provide medical care.

The doctor is free

For now, no action has been taken against the doctor. He continues his work even now at the maternity hospital.

Oana Toader, the current manager of Polizu Maternity: “He says he doesn’t have the documents, that they’re at the prosecutor’s office and he can’t suspend him or anything, and that he’s probably coming to work on Monday. He tells us that he spoke to him and told him that the fetus was not viable.”

The doctor suffered no consequences even then, in 2019.

Although what happened was known to several members of the medical staff, from the nurses present at the birth to the doctors who later cared for the child, no one asked what happened and did not file a report.

There was no internal investigation

The current spokesperson of Polizu Maternity, Bogdan Stefănescu, confirmed to us that there was not even an internal investigation.

Specialists say that the doctor should have fought for the girl’s life, regardless of what the protocol says.

Prof. Dr. Daniel Mureșan, head of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Commission at the Ministry of Health: “In Europe and Romania, at this moment, both medically and legally, under 24 weeks is considered a child that has minor chances. We also fight for those children, but under 24 weeks the chances of them surviving or surviving healthy are very small. The decision is made as with any being. As long as there is cardiac activity and breathing, that person is alive.”

According to the statements given by witnesses at the hearings, the child was showing signs of life, and the doctor who declared her dead would have been told this.

Doctor Florian Robe’s lawyer: “The doctor gave the prosecutors all the required details. He does not evade the criminal investigation and reserves the right not to make any public statements”.

The case also reached the Minister of Health.

The child is affected by the traumatic experience from birth

Maria is now three years old and is the joy of the family. The 12 hours she was in the box with too little air and no medical support took its toll on her. How serious, an expert requested by the family is to determine.

When they got home with her there was only a handful of people. Three years of expensive and exhausting treatments followed.

Maria Pletoiu, the girl’s grandmother: “He does therapy every day.”

Reporter: Why was therapy needed?

The girl’s grandmother: “Because he doesn’t talk. The child underwent Voljta therapy. Now he’s in therapy because he doesn’t speak. The child does not speak, does not communicate, only points with the finger”.

Reporter: But it doesn’t even move?

The girl’s grandmother: “Not even moving, yeah. That’s why Voljta therapy was needed, because he doesn’t move his head or his hands.”

The doctors’ association also reported and the doctor could be held responsible.

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