January 27, 2023

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Shock in Russia after Putin’s announcement. The stock market has crashed and the opposition is calling for protests in all cities

Putin’s announcement sent a major shock across Russia. The stock market crashed and the sale of plane tickets exploded as many Russians tried to flee the country for fear of mobilization.

The Russian Defense Minister announced that 300,000 people are targeted to reinforce the troops at the front.

We are in the 210th day of the war and we have reached the point where Russia is looking for reinforcements.

To begin with, let us remember with what forces this war began. On February 24, the day of the invasion, Russia’s military had 190,000 troops mobilized, while Ukraine had 145,000 soldiers on duty. They were joined by 300,000 Ukrainian reservists.

After seven months of war, losses are serious on both sides. According to Ukrainian officials, approximately 55,100 Russian soldiers have been eliminated in the war so far. On the other hand, in a rare public outing on the subject, the Russian Defense Minister claims that his army has lost only about 6,000 soldiers.

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However, the advanced figure does not explain why Putin still finds himself forced to mobilize the reservists now.

Sergey Shoigu, Minister of Defense of Russia: “We have a huge mobilization resource from among those who did not take part in military operations, but who have military expertise. We have almost 25 million people who meet these criteria. 300,000 reservists will be called up. I want to state very clearly that this will not be done all at once, but the enrollment will be done constantly”.

Students would not be targeted

Şoigu also wanted to specify that he was not referring to students. The partial mobilization, however, covers all other adult men in Russia, given that military service is compulsory in that country. Under these conditions, Google searches for “how to get rid of the army” and “how to leave Russia” have increased spectacularly. And searches for plane tickets out of Russia multiplied, and seats on immediate flights quickly sold out.

A ticket to Dubai, for example, ended up costing more than 5,000 dollars, but there are no seats available for the next week. According to French daily Le Monde, airlines can no longer sell tickets to Russian men between the ages of 18 and 65 without the approval of the Russian Defense Ministry.

The Russian opposition movement “Vesna” called for national protests in the Russian Federation. Activists urged people to gather tonight in the center of every city in Russia.

“Thousands of Russian men – our fathers, brothers and husbands – will be thrown into the meat grinder of war. What will they die for? Why will mothers and children shed tears?”, that’s how the call to protests sounds. Being behind bars, the leader of the opposition Alexei Navalnîi received the news of the mobilization with the same surprise.

Alexei Navalny: “This crime, this continuous criminal war is getting worse, deepening and Putin is trying to involve as many people as possible. He wants to smear hundreds of thousands of people with this blood. Of course, that will lead to huge tragedies, huge losses.”

Meanwhile, the spokesman of the Presidency, Dmitry Peskov, stated that the Russian government will soon announce which categories of adult men will be able to postpone the response to the call.

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