December 9, 2022

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Separate waste collection, legal obligation – Timisoara Stiri live

The RETIM company in partnership with the Timiș Intercommunity Waste Development Association and all associated municipalities continue the information-awareness campaign “Separate collection of waste, legal obligation”.

Through this campaign we want all citizens to understand that they have a responsibility and legal obligation regarding how they collect their waste. Only separate collection gives us the possibility of increasing the amount of recycled waste and implicitly reducing the amount of stored waste.

At the moment, out of the thousands of tons of waste that are collected monthly by RETIM in the operating areas of Timiș County, only a small part can be recycled. Due to negligence or carelessness, waste is thrown mixed in containers or at random, and this situation makes sorting and recycling impossible.

Infrastructure available

In the localities of Timiș County, there is a municipal waste collection system composed of separate bins and containers for different categories: yellow containers/yellow bags, green bells, composters (only in rural areas), as well as black containers. These are made available to waste generators either at individual households or company premises, or in the common spaces of the blocks.

Therefore, all the conditions are in place, but it is absolutely necessary that citizens also comply with a minimum set of separate collection rules, simple rules that are communicated on all available media –

As a way of working, RETIM crews will use a system of labeling containers containing improperly collected waste, and ultimately any non-compliant container will not be picked up.

Stage 1 – A YELLOW LABEL will be applied to containers which
contain other types of waste than those for which they are intended.
This label will contain a list of several types of non-compliance, allowing citizens to understand where they went wrong.

At this stage the waste will be collected by the RETIM crews.

Step 2 – A RED LABEL will be affixed to the containers in which they
finds that the waste is collected mixed. In this situation
containers will NOT be picked up, and it will be stated on the red label
reason for collection. In this case, citizens are asked to
the next collection to sort the waste correctly, getting better information about the separate collection rules – guide link

CAREFUL! The local authorities will carry out checks and apply fines according to the legislation in force, being penalized for not collecting waste separately.

Remember! The separate collection of waste is a legal obligation, according to Law 101/2006.

In order for our efforts, of all, to be crowned with success, we also appeal to the civic spirit of the citizens who are asked to notify the authorities of any irregularities found at the waste collection points. Also, if there are problems with the collection of waste by the RETIM operator, this situation is reported, and photos or videos are taken and sent to the following address: [email protected]

The campaign takes place on several media – print media, online media, radio, television, Facebook, but also through the distribution of leaflets, posters and guides.

Additional information is available on the website,, the official RETIM Facebook page or at the Call Center service at +40 374 885 692, from Monday to Friday, between 07:00 and 19:00.



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