October 2, 2022

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Secretary of the National Security Council of Ukraine: Daria Dughina was executed by Russia

The Secretary of the Security Council of Ukraine, Oleksii Danilov, declared on Tuesday that the assassination of Daria Dughina, the daughter of the Russian ultranationalist ideologue Aleksandr Dughin, was an ‘execution carried out by the Russian secret services’, EFE and DSNews write.

In a statement to Ukrainian public broadcaster Kanal 24, picked up by local news agencies, Danilov denied accusations by Russian secret services that attributed responsibility to Ukraine for the death of Daria Dughina, a journalist and political scientist who shared his father’s conservative views.

‘We were not interested in this person (Dughina) at all, he was really unimportant to us. The FSB (Federal Security Service) is the one who did it, and now they will say that one of our people is involved’, said Danilov.

The head of the National Security Council in Kyiv claims that the Ukrainians ‘do not work like that’. ‘Our men and women have much more important tasks to perform. We are not involved at all in the explosion that killed this woman, it is the work of the Russian secret services’, he insisted.

Danilov says Daria Dughina and her father criticized what Russia calls a ‘special military operation’ in Ukraine because they felt it was going on too long.

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The head of the British army, about the assassination of Putin:

In his opinion, the Russian secret services have begun to eliminate those who criticize Russia’s military “successes” in the war in Ukraine.

“Our security service has nothing to do with this,” emphasized the secretary of the Council for National Security and Defense of Ukraine.

Russia accused Ukraine on Monday of killing the daughter of one of the ideologues of Russian imperialism, Daria Dughina, in a terrorist attack that it attributed to a woman of Ukrainian nationality who was an agent of the secret services in Kyiv, identified as Natalia Vovk, 43 for years. She would have been accompanied by her 12-year-old daughter.

“The crime was prepared and executed by the Ukrainian special services”, said the Federal Security Service (FSB) of Russia about the attack committed on Saturday evening in a suburb of Moscow in which Daria Dughina lost her life. In recent years, she regularly expressed herself in the pro-Kremlin media, where she fiercely criticized ‘Western hegemony’. In particular, she had worked for the ultraconservative Russian TV station Tarigrad, according to AFP.

Moscow’s accusations linking Ukraine to the attack in which Dughin’s daughter died are nothing more than the ‘fruit of propaganda’ of the Kremlin, which ‘creates fictitious worlds again’, the adviser to the head of the Ukrainian presidential administration, Mihailo Podoliak, reacted in turn in a post on Twitter .

Podoliak, a member of the team appointed by Kyiv to negotiate a possible ceasefire with Russia, points out that “surprisingly, the Russians did not find” the Estonian visas used by the suspects – the mother and her 12-year-old daughter – to flee Russia after the attack.

According to the FSB, this Ukrainian then fled to Estonia with her daughter.

“The frogs and snakes of the Russian special services have started a fight between species,” he noted ironically in his post on Twitter, according to Unian.

The death of Daria Dughina caused a shock in Russia, recalling the numerous attacks that bloodied the unstable period after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, AFP notes.

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