May 28, 2023

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Russians build concrete fortifications and dig trenches in hopes they could stop Ukrainian tanks and armored vehicles

President Zelensky accused Moscow of a “massive attack”, with 36 missiles launched at Ukraine last night alone. Missiles and drones mainly target critical infrastructure.

More than a third of the power stations were destroyed. “Moscow wants to cause a new wave of refugees and a humanitarian catastrophe,” accuse officials from Kyiv, who are quickly demanding anti-aircraft defense systems. At the same time, Kiev’s forces continue the offensive in the Kherson region, where the Russians appear to be preparing a retreat to the eastern bank of the Dnieper.

Drones are everywhere in the war in Ukraine. The Russians use them massively to attack the energy infrastructure of the country they invaded, but also to identify the positions of Ukrainian forces. Near Bahmut, on the eastern front, soldiers of a Ukrainian mechanized unit stay hidden as much as possible.

Yuri was a carpenter before the war, now he is a unit commander.

“Here, in Bahmut, is the hottest point on the front. 24 hours a day there are attacks on our positions”.

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The bunker also serves as a shelter and a bedroom, in the rare moments of calm.

“Our enemy has many more weapons and artillery.”

The Ukrainians use ordinary drones to which they attach explosives and drop them on enemy positions. But the Russians also respond the same way.

In a locality in the area, Soledar, the invaders’ bombings destroyed almost everything… It looks like a scene from the Second World War.

“Like in Stalingrad, because we have maybe 90% of the demolished buildings… We call it Solegrad”.

In the Bahmut area, the Ukrainians dug trenches. There he fights the mercenaries of the Wagner group.

“Their bodies lie here by the hundreds… They don’t even collect their dead. Our men sneak in and take their weapons and ammunition.”

The Russians are building fortifications

Also mercenaries from the Wagner group were given the mission to build this line of fortifications – it reached almost 2 kilometers in length – near a strategically important city in eastern Ukraine. There are four rows of pyramid-shaped concrete fortifications, and a deep trench is dug behind them. Thus the Russians hope they could stop Ukrainian tanks and armored vehicles in the event of an advance to the east.

For the second night in a row, the Ukrainian army hit the Antonovsky bridge, near which the Russians set up a pontoon of barges so that they could retreat to the other side of the Dnieper. All civilian residents of Kherson must leave the city immediately,” the regional occupation administration said, citing a “tense situation on the front line” and the “increased danger of massive shelling.”

Yesterday, a convoy of Russian journalists and propagandists was surprised by missiles while crossing the river.

Andrey Malkevich, representative of Russia: “I was taking journalists from Kherson, together with their families, from the dangerous bank of the Dnieper, to the left. The first explosion took place at the head of the column. This was the car I was driving. The second explosion product in the middle, and the third at the end of the column”.

After shockingly announcing that he had sent his underage sons to fight alongside Russian troops on the front in Ukraine, Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov now claims his sons took Ukrainian prisoners. Boasting the feats of arms of the so-called warriors, aged between 14 and 16, Kadyrov announces in the posted video footage – another position captured, an enemy detachment destroyed and six Ukrainian servicemen captured.

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