May 28, 2023

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Russian pensioner arrested after leaving note at Vladimir Putin’s parents’ grave: Take it home

A 60-year-old Russian woman from St. Petersburg has been placed under house arrest after leaving a handwritten note on the grave of Vladimir Putin’s parents.

Irina Șibaneva, from St. Petersburg, was placed under house arrest for a month after leaving a note on the grave of the Russian president’s parents. “Parents of a maniac, take him in, he is causing so much suffering and trouble, the whole world is praying for his death. Death to Putin, you have raised a monster and a criminal“, the woman wrote on her ticket, Mediazona journalists note.

The cited source reports that the woman was able to approach the grave, which is protected, but was unable to leave the cemetery without being noticed. The police and the prosecutor’s office requested that Șibaneva be sent to a preventive detention center, describing the crime as “daring”, but the court considered that this was too harsh a coercive measure.

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TI just saw the program, which at that time was very serious, there was some news, and something really struck me…“, said Irina Țibaneva, trying to explain her gesture, when she was in the cage of the Primorski District Court. The woman was arrested at home on October 10, but she risks receiving a 5-year prison sentence.

The ticket, placed before Putin’s birthday

Before the war in Ukraine, Irina Tsibaneva, a former accountant, was not particularly interested in politics. And after the Russian invasion, the subject of the war was practically not addressed in conversations with relatives, her son, Maxim, tells Mediazona.

She went to concerts, festivals, theaters and museums. He traveled a lot in cities. He traveled both in Russia and abroad, the man adds. At one time she was fond of bard songs, I don’t know how she is now, but probably the same. I have been to the Grușinski festival many times. He was a prominent member of Trofim’s fan club“, he confessed.

On October 6, on the eve of the Russian president’s birthday, Irina Tsibaneva went to the Serafimovskoe cemetery, where Putin’s parents are buried.

Another similar incident at the grave

Until then, security has been beefed up at the cemetery and especially at the grave of Vladimir and Maria Putin.

Probably due to the fact that at the end of September a small poster appeared on their grave in the form of a page from a diary with the following content: “Dear Parents! Your son is behaving badly! He misses history classes, fights with his classmates, threatens to blow up the whole school! Take action!“.

A week later, a St. Petersburg court arrested activist Anastasia Filippova for ten days on charges of disobeying a police officer. As Russian media reported, Filippova’s relatives linked her detention and arrest to this poster. Recently, the arrest of the activist was annulled by the court, and she was released from the detention center.

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