May 28, 2023

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Russia launched 300 attacks in ten days on energy infrastructure in Ukraine

NATO’s military aid to Ukraine “brings the alliance closer to the dangerous line of a direct military clash with Russia.” The spokesperson of the Russian Foreign Ministry says it.

All this time, the martial law decreed by Putin entered into force in the Ukrainian territories annexed by Russia. For its part, Ukraine is restricting the use of electricity nationwide after endless enemy missile and drone attacks.

The Russians continue their attacks on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure unabated. There were 300 strikes in ten days, according to the Ukrainian government. A thermal power plant in a town near Kiev was bombed with rockets, and the damage is “quite serious”, according to the governor of the region.

However, Ukrainian air defense intercepted at least one of the launched cruise missiles.

Including the IRIS-T air defense system, delivered by Germany and active in the Kiev area.

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Olaf Scholz, Chancellor of Germany: “Deliberate attacks on civilian populations and infrastructure are war crimes. Let’s be clear: even such scorched-earth tactics will not help Russia win the war. They only strengthen the determination and resilience of Ukraine and its partners.”

On the other hand, Ukraine is restricting the use of electricity nationwide for the first time, following the avalanche of Russian missile and drone attacks hitting power distribution centers and power plants just before the arrival of winter.

Meanwhile, the evacuation of the inhabitants of the Kherson region, from the western bank of the Dnieper River, to the other bank continues. By ferries, because all the bridges over the river are destroyed or damaged. The general commander of the Russian forces in Ukraine highlighted the “difficult situation” in the so-called “special military operation”.

Zelensky to civilians: “Try to leave the occupied territory”

And after General Surovikin’s highly unusual announcement, Western intelligence estimates that the Russians are planning to leave the city of Kherson and other territories in the region in the face of Ukrainian attacks. Going to organize his defense on the other bank of the Dnieper, the one on the eastern side.

On Thursday, martial law came into effect in four regions occupied and illegally annexed by Russia, which it does not fully control.

Volodymyr Zelensky, President of Ukraine: I want to address our people in the temporarily occupied areas of southern and eastern Ukraine. Soon the occupiers will try to recruit people into their army. Try to leave the occupied territory. If you cannot do this and you are in the Russian military structures, try at the first opportunity to lay down your weapons and come towards the Ukrainian positions“.

Joe Biden, President of the USA: “I think Vladimir Putin is in an incredibly difficult situation. And this shows me that the only tool he has left at his disposal is the persecution of the citizens of Ukraine, citizens whom he is trying to intimidate and make them capitulate. That won’t happen.”

On Wednesday, Putin did not just decree the establishment of martial law in the Ukrainian regions annexed by Russia.

Vladimir Putin, President of Russia: “It was the Ukrainian special services that organized the explosion on the bridge in Crimea. We have also prevented terrorist attacks in other regions of Russia, including in crowded places, transport and energy facilities, I would like to emphasize, including at nuclear power facilities.”

In another decree, Putin instituted more drastic security measures – restricting travel to Russian regions near Ukraine’s borders. Including in Crimea, annexed since 2014. Analysts have discovered a kind of softened martial law here, allowing the introduction of curfews, control of population movement, temporary displacement measures and the right to impose a militarized regime on certain industries.

At the same time, the leader in the Kremlin granted additional authority to the leaders of all Russian provinces to maintain public order and increase production in support of Moscow’s war.

At the same time, the leader in the Kremlin granted additional authority to the leaders of all Russian provinces to maintain public order and increase production in support of Moscow’s war.

Mikhail Mishustin, Prime Minister of Russia: “The president has tasked the government to create a Coordinating Council under my chairmanship. The purpose of the new structure is to take rapid action to create and complete tasks in all key areas, including the provision of vehicles and equipment for our military, their manufacture and the facilitation of transportation.”

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