October 2, 2022

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Russia has cut off gas to the Engie group. The company told ȘtirilePROTV that Romania has secured the gas

Russia cut off gas to the “Engie” group, one of the largest suppliers including to Romania. Here, the energy authorities, as well as the Engie representatives in Romania, assure us that we will have something to warm us with in the winter.

Those in charge claim that they have the necessary quantities in warehouses to ensure consumption and that there will be no impact on the domestic market. Most of the gas quantity in Romania is provided from domestic production and from deposits. However, 20% comes from imports, mostly from Russians.

Following disputes over supply contracts, Gazprom, the dominant supplier of Russian gas to several Central and Eastern European countries, will cut gas supplies to French utility Engie.

At the European level, the Germans face the biggest reduction in Russian gas deliveries, of 40%, through the Nord Stream gas pipeline. In Italy, deliveries are down 15%. The announcement made by the Engia company from France will NOT affect our country, claims the president of the Romanian company.

Eric Stab – CEO Engie Romania: “From what I know, it does not affect Romania at all. There is no relationship between what is happening with gas inputs for France and the situation here in Romania, there is no impact related to this decision. The fact that something is happening with this contract with France has nothing to do with Romania and has no impact on Romania”.

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In an additional response to Știrile PRO TV, the company’s representatives claim that in Romania the necessities for consumers are provided. Most of this amount comes from domestic production, i.e. from Petrom and Romgaz, but a few months ago the exploitation of gas from the Black Sea also started. However, almost 20 percent, depending on the season and consumption, comes from imports, mostly from Russians.

Eric Stab – CEO Engie Romania: “It was somewhere around 15-20 percent of the annual consumption, unfortunately, as you know there are also some big consumers in Romania, for example, producers like AZO Mureș, whether they produce or not it has a very big impact. It comes from the market, the gas does not have a nationality, it comes from the international market, it can come from Western Europe – from Austria or from South-Eastern Europe – which is another source of transit, but gas comes from many sources”.

According to the ANREE reports, in January 2022, in Romania the gas import delivered for consumption was almost 30 percent (29.58%) and decreased to 18 percent in April. However, there should be no fears for the winter, assures us the Minister of Energy, Virgil Popescu.

Currently, the filling level of Romania’s natural gas deposits is 72.5%. We are, from this point of view, ahead of the gas storage calendar assumed before the European Commission. In addition, compared to all the previous years, this year also started the exploitation of the gases from the Black Sea, which will bring an increase of over 500 million cubic meters of natural gas, the minister stated.

However, the decision announced by the Russian company will lead to an increase in prices on the international market, experts say. Meanwhile, Bulgaria has started negotiations with the Russian state company Gazprom.

Energy prices are capped in our country until next spring. However, the cheapest energy is the energy we don’t use. Consider that every minus degree on the thermostat can reduce consumption by up to 5 percent. Experts advise us to avoid turning off the heating plant, and when we leave home for more than 24 hours, to have a temperature in the house of 16 degrees Celsius. The temperature drops to 8 degrees if we have been away from home for more than two days and return to the initial parameters upon returning home.

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