December 9, 2022

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Russia attacked the city where Zelenski was born with 8 missiles. The reaction of the president of Ukraine

As a result of this bombing, a dam in the city was destroyed. According to, citing Reuters, Anton Geraşcenko, an advisor to the Minister of the Interior, published video footage of what appears to be a small bridge flooded.

“The rockets were directed at the hydraulic structures. This caused the water level of the Inhulets River to rise, threatening the city.”he wrote on Twitter.

Kirill Tymoshenko, the deputy of the president’s office, previously stated that there were no civilian casualties in the attack and accused the Russians of trying to sow panic.

Zelenski’s reaction after the Russians bombed his city

The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, accused Russia of attacking the city of Krivoi Rog even though it has “no military value, actually hitting hundreds of thousands of ordinary citizens”, pointing out that this “is another reason why Russia will lose” .

“And not just this war, but history itself. History is written by men, never by savages.” he pointed out.

At the same time, Zelensky showed that Ukraine will “answer the terrorists for every dastardly act, for every missile, for every projectile”.

“We are capable of doing this“, he pointed out.

I returned from the Kharkiv region – from our Kharkiv region, from the districts that were liberated. As of today, almost the entire region is unoccupied. It was an unprecedented move by our fighters – the Ukrainians managed to do again what many considered impossible. Only on the first day of active operations, our troops advanced 19 kilometers. 110 kilometers were covered in five days of fighting. In total, almost 400 localities were vacated. The 150,000 Ukrainians who remained in these areas will again feel what ordinary, safe, normal life is like“, stated Zelenski, in his message on Wednesday night.

He added that, during the more than five months that the Russian army spent in Kharkiv, the occupiers did not try to do anything for the people, but only “destroyed, deprived and took”.

“They left behind devastated villages, and in some of them there is not even a house left that is not damaged. The occupiers left schools turned into garbage dumps and broken churches, literally turned into toilets”detailed the Ukrainian president.

According to him, Ukrainian and foreign journalists were given access to the liberated area.

“The world must see the destruction, it must feel the pain that Russia has brought to the Ukrainians. Our law enforcement agencies are already receiving reports of murder, torture and kidnapping by the occupiers. What the world saw in Bucea, what we saw in the unoccupied territory in the Chernihiv region, in the Sumy region and what we see now in the Kharkiv region are evidence of the genocide against Ukrainians. Evidence that Russia can bring nothing but genocide“, he continued.

Zelenski said that he would address the “comrades” in Russian.

Your missile attack today, Russian projectiles targeting Krivoi Rog, the Karachunivske dam, targets that have no military value at all, actually hitting hundreds of thousands of ordinary citizens, is another reason why Russia will lose . And not just this war, but history itself. History is written by men, never by savages. Who will remain in history. All those who launch these projectiles. Those who came to our land. Slow down. You are wimps waging a war against civilians. Villains who, having fled the battlefield, try to do harm from somewhere far away. You will remain terrorists that your own grandchildren will be ashamed of”he claimed.

Volodymyr Zelensky emphasized that the only way out for Russian soldiers is to surrender to Ukrainian forces, “the only option that guarantees their lives and an attitude in accordance with all conventions.”

“Every Russian soldier must already understand that only in captivity with the Ukrainians will no one use him as cannon fodder in a war that Russia is obviously losing“, he stated.

Zelenski showed that everything is being done at the site of the Krivoi Rog missile attack to remove the consequences of this “another vile act of the Russians”.

A dastardly act that may please the crazy Russian propagandists, but it certainly won’t save the morale and psychological state of the Russian soldiers. They understood that the Russian commanders are incompetent and that defeat awaits them in Ukraine on all fronts. Russia will not solve this with any terror, as terror confirms the weakness of the one who resorts to it”Zelensky said.

He mentioned that, at Izium, he presented awards to heroes, saying that he was grateful to the fighters who “in just five days they forced the enemy to retreat in panic, abandoning equipment, ammunition, numerous Russian flags“, but also to those from the Main Directorate of Espionage, who “masterfully transformed the enemy’s panic into real hysteria”.

“The Ukrainian flag will return to all areas of the country. Just like in Kharkiv, Ukrainian fighters will be met in Donbas, in the south and in Crimea. It will happen, for sure”pointed out the president of Ukraine.

He mentioned that, in Kharkiv, he had a meeting regarding the energy situation in the city and in the region, showing that the fact that “the terrorist state could resort to any other nefarious act” is taken into account, and the authorities at all levels it is required to prepare for any scenario.

Zelenski added that on Thursday there will be diplomatic news from Kyiv, where the president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, is visiting.

Today (Wednesday – no) was an almost Ukrainian day in Brussels. For the first time in the history of the European Union, a non-EU state was represented at a special session of the European Parliament during the State of the EU report – this is our state. So far – from outside the EU. We are working to obtain the status of a member with full rights – political, legal, symbolic”he pointed out.

He explained that the First Lady of Ukraine was present at this annual report, and following the visit there is an important result – 100 million euros for the reconstruction of 74 schools in Ukraine.

Zelenski mentioned that he will do everything to implement “a large-scale social initiative – the elimination of roaming services for our people in the EU and for Europeans in Ukraine”, showing that this will be a strong signal of “reconciliation”.

I am grateful to all our fighters! I am grateful to all those who participate in the rescue operations after the Russian attacks. We will answer the terrorists for every dastardly act, for every missile, for every projectile. We are able to do thatZelensky emphasized.

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