May 28, 2023

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Romanian employees are not giving up their jobs silently. Their decisions are assumed and based on emotional and financial balance

On a professional level, 37% of Romanian employees believe that there were no big differences compared to the previous year, 26% perceived this year as worse, while for 31% it was even better, according to a survey recently of BestJobs.

After all the changes in the previous years, Romanian employees focused this year the most on increasing their income to cope with price increases (25%), on finding a new job (20%), on professional development within the current position ( 13%), on finding job satisfaction (10%), on avoiding burnout (8%) and on keeping the current job (6%).

The year 2022 found the Romanian employee exhausted after so many changes, but at the same time alert and eager to regain control of his professional future. The biggest challenges this year have been given by the economic context and the state of mental and emotional health. Precisely because of this, we notice that his goals were between increasing his income and ensuring his emotional balance. The survey data shows that it does not seem to be the case to talk about “quiet quitting”, which would represent a silent resignation from the job, but rather about re-evaluating priorities, about needs to be met and about decisions made. More concretely, employees were as transparent as possible when they wanted a new job, more flexibility or a higher salary, and did not decelerate just to trigger such a reaction from the employer“, he says Ana Vișian, Marketing Manager BestJobs Romania.

At the same time, 34% of the employees who responded to the BestJobs survey say that this year they managed to restore the balance between their professional and personal lives, while 28% increased their income. For others, getting a promotion (14%) or completing a difficult project (10%) was important.

65% of survey respondents believe that an employee should look for a job that brings them satisfaction so that they want to develop, while 25% believe that they should always be proactive and try to exceed the duties and only 7% said that only the duties of the job description should be performed and nothing more.

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Looking ahead, a third of employees say they would lose motivation if their employer did not increase their pay to compensate for the price increases. The others mentioned lack of appreciation (17%), stress (16%), lack of job fulfillment (11%) and too much work (7%) among the causes of demotivation.

In the last three months, searches for the keyword “flexibility” have increased when it comes to new job opportunities. When asked what work flexibility means to them, half of the respondents mentioned a schedule that they can adapt to their needs, provided they complete all tasks on time. For another 25%, flexibility is related to the relationship with the employer, expecting to get more understanding from him, and for the others, this concept translates into the possibility to work from anywhere and anytime.

The survey was conducted in October, on a sample of 1,325 internet users.

Data provided by BestJobs, one of the most important online recruitment platforms in Romania. At any moment, on BestJobs there are more than 4.6 million professionals connected to the labor market, more than 40,000 jobs and thousands of freelancers, recruitment agents or specialists in professional and personal development (coaches, mentors, therapists, lawyers and other types of specialists).

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