October 2, 2022

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Romania supports the suspension of visas for Russian tourists in Europe

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bogdan Aurescu, will participate, on Tuesday and Wednesday, in the informal meeting of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs from the EU member states (in Gymnich format), which will take place in Prague, within the Czech Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

Regarding the granting of visas for Russian citizens traveling to the EU, the Romanian Foreign Minister will support the suspension of the EU-Russia Agreement on facilitating the granting of visas, respectively he will express his openness to the adoption of measures to restrict the movement of Russian citizens, with reference to visas for the purpose tourism, shows a press release from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE).

The discussion agenda will include EU-Africa relations and Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, including from the perspective of its implications on EU-Russia relations.

The discussions on Russia’s aggression against Ukraine will give the European Foreign Ministers the opportunity to reaffirm EU unity and support for EU unitary actions, on multiple dimensions, in support of Ukraine.

The subject will be approached from the perspective of current and future challenges deriving from the management of EU relations with Russia. On this point of the agenda, Minister Bogdan Aurescu will reiterate the need for the EU and its member states to continue providing consistent support for Ukraine and will highlight Romania’s contribution to these efforts, in political, economic and humanitarian terms, says the MAE.

He will inform, in the context, about the developments recorded in the support that Romania gives to Ukraine, including the facilitation of grain exports from Ukraine through Romanian ports. The talks will also explore new EU measures to strengthen Ukraine’s ability to defend itself against Russian aggression, as well as to ease and maintain pressure on the Russian Federation.

Referring to the consequences for the countries in the region, the Romanian official will resume the arguments in favor of the EU’s strong support for the Republic of Moldova, a country deeply affected by the situation in Ukraine. It will show that it is essential to increase the resilience of the Eastern partners, including through measures such as those through the European Peace Facility.

Regarding the implications of the aggression against Ukraine on the EU’s approach to relations with Russia, Minister Aurescu will show that any reflection on the future of EU-Russia relations must take into account developments in Ukraine, with an emphasis on the need to reduce dependence on Russia and ensure coherence between NATO and EU approaches regarding the relationship with the Russian Federation.

Informal working meeting attended by the Ministers of Foreign Affairs from Ukraine, the Republic of Moldova and Georgia

In the margins of the meeting of European ministers, there will be an informal working meeting attended by the foreign ministers of Ukraine, the Republic of Moldova and Georgia.

This will be the first meeting, in this format, after the June 2022 decision of the European Council regarding the recognition of the European perspective for the three states associated with the EU, respectively the granting of EU candidate status for Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova.

During the discussions, Minister Bogdan Aurescu will mention the particular importance of the decision of the European Council from June 2022, both for the three associated states and for the EU, and will express support for the implementation of the necessary reforms included in the Commission’s opinions regarding each of the three states, including by capitalizing on the tools of the Eastern Partnership, which, in turn, require a new approach, adapted to the new reality in the EU neighborhood.

The discussion on EU-Africa relations takes place six months after the EU-African Union Summit (February 2022, Brussels), in the context of the intensification of the challenges faced by the states on the African continent, as a result of Russian aggression against Ukraine, with emphasis on the food crisis generated by the conduct of Russia. Minister Bogdan Aurescu will express his support for the objectives of EU cooperation with African states and will mention our country’s priorities regarding EU relations with this continent.

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