March 25, 2023

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Romania is arming itself. The army is buying the famous Turkish Bayraktar drones, but also Airbus H215M combat helicopters

The Defense Committees of the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies have approved the Ministry of National Defense’s purchase of 18 Turkish Bayraktar TB2 military drones.

According to a document on the agenda of the Permanent Bureaus of the Parliament, “the current state of endowment of the Romanian Army requires the adoption of urgent measures to ensure adaptation to the new conditions of the security environment and to allow the full fulfillment of the missions and obligations of the Romanian Army, nationally and internationally”.

The program consists in the purchase of 3 systems of unmanned aircraft (UAS) Bayraktar TB2, of 6 aerial platformswith target-strike capabilities, along with an initial logistics support package and specific training and instructional equipment.

These drones are intended for structures within the Land Forces that act in the operational environment.

The value of the presented purchase contract was estimated at USD 300 million without VAT, based on the substantiation data collected, “the exact value to be determined following the completion of the purchase procedure”, the source said.

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Baykartar drones, particularly the famous TB2, have acquired legendary status in Ukraine after being used early in the campaign to destroy large numbers of Russian vehicles.

Their popularity even inspired a viral folk song.

Romania is also buying two H215M combat helicopters

Last but not least, Romania also wants to buy helicopters”with surface combat capabilities”, which are capable of “quick and appropriate reactions to current potential threats”.

From the analysis carried out at the level of the Ministry of National Defense, it was found that the optimal option for achieving the surface combat capability (Anti-Surface Warfare – ASuW) is provided with Airbus H215M helicopters – it is stated in a document submitted by the Ministry of Defense to the Chamber of Deputies.

Airbus H215M


In this context, we request the prior approval of the Parliament for the purchase of 2 (two) H215M helicopters with surface combat capabilities (Anti-Surface Warfare – ASul).

The acquisition, for which the approval of the Romanian Parliament is requested, is to be initiated starting with the year 2022, in accordance with the provisions of the Government’s Emergency Ordinance no. 114/2011, with subsequent amendments and additions, depending on the existence of its financing/budgeting possibility” – states MApN.

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The value of the purchase contract, without VAT, was estimated at 150 million Euros, the exact value to be determined following the completion of the purchase procedure.

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