March 29, 2023

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Revenge after Kerch. A block of flats in Zaporozhye, destroyed by the Russians. At least 17 people died

At least 17 people have died and around 100 have been injured after a new Russian attack on the southern Ukrainian city of Zaporozhye.

It was the first response of the Russian army after the attack on the strategic Kerch bridge, which connects Crimea with Russia. Kyiv has not officially claimed responsibility, but just hours after the blast it released a series of stamps featuring the burning Kerch Bridge. The damaged bridge could embroil Russia in its efforts in southern Ukraine.

On Saturday night, the Russians fired 12 rockets into a neighborhood in the city of Zaporizhia. The death toll is in the dozens after a nine-story block of flats and five other residential buildings were destroyed.

Russians are inhuman and terrorists. From the one who gave this order to all those who followed him, all will be held accountable“, President Zelenski reacted.

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Vladimir Putin, Kerch

Zelensky, ironic after the attack on the Kerch bridge

Controlled by Kyiv, the city of Zaporozhye, located 60 km from the Russian-occupied nuclear plant, has been bombed repeatedly in recent weeks.

The attack was likely the first retaliation by the Russians after Ukraine’s security service sabotaged the Kerch bridge linking the Crimean peninsula to Russia on Saturday morning.

Volodymyr Zelensky, President of Ukraine: “It was a good and mostly sunny day on the territory of our state. About 20 degrees and sunny in large parts of the country. Only in Crimea it was cloudy, but hot”.

Just three months ago, Russian propaganda claimed that the Crimean bridge was impossible to attack thanks to 20 different ways of protection, from anti-aircraft systems or heavily armed naval patrols to electronic sensors, sonar and suppression systems or military dolphins.

Vladimir Putin ordered, on Saturday, the Federal Security Service, FSB, to strengthen measures to protect the Kerch bridge. Until now, this was handled by the Ministry of Defense, for airspace, the Rosgvardia National Guard – for maritime surveillance, and the Ministry of Transport – for road traffic and railway routes.

In Simferopol and other Crimean cities, locals flocked to gas stations to fill up on fuel.

In official statements and in the press, the Russians tried to hide the damage caused by the explosion. They allowed the circulation of cars a few hours after the explosion, and in the evening the trains also started to run, although it is not known how solid the structure is.

The Russians are asking Putin to push the nuclear button

The mood of the Russians varies between revolt, belittling, humiliation and conspiratorialism. Many are clamoring for revenge, that is, urging Putin to push the nuclear button. In fact, on Saturday evening, in Moscow, several dozen ultranationalists demonstrated by walking a mascot that embodied a Sarmat nuclear missile.

In the context of Vladimir Putin’s series of humiliating defeats, growing desperation may lead him to believe that terrorist attacks against Western countries would be a legitimate response, warns an editorial published in the Los Angeles Times. Moscow has consistently tried to portray the current conflict as one between Russia and NATO.

Russia’s behavior in Ukraine, Syria and Chechnya has shown that, for Putin, nothing is taboo“, draws the attention of the American publication. According to it, Moscow could order attacks or sabotage against NATO supply lines in Poland or Romania. Or this would lead to a dramatic expansion of the conflict.

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