May 28, 2023

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Respected by the great powers, Vladimir Putin declares that “massive attacks in Ukraine are no longer needed”

Respected by China, India and Turkey and publicly admonished by the Tajik leader, Vladimir Putin declares that “he has not set his goal to destroy Ukraine, so for now there is no need for massive attacks”.

An announcement not only cynical but also false, since in the last hours Kiev reported new Russian bombings against the civil infrastructure. On the other hand, the Americans will send ammunition and Humvees to Ukraine as part of a new military assistance package worth 725 million dollars.

Vladimir Putin: “We did not set as our objective the destruction of Ukraine, of course. What is happening today is unpleasant, to put it elegantly. But we would have ended up in this situation anyway later, only in worse conditions for us. So my actions are right and in their time.”

Women, Bahmut: “I don’t care who controls the city, let them come
whatever it is, if only the bombings stop once and for all!”

Man, Kyiv: “Putin’s devil must be impaled on a poplar stick! Let it spin slowly! That’s what this bastard deserves.”

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The Russians continue to massively hit the civilian infrastructure in Ukraine, although Putin himself said last night that:

Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia: “There is no need for massive bombing anymore, at least not now. In the future, we’ll see. For the moment, we have other goals”.

Military experts believe that the real reason would be the dramatic depletion of the arsenal.

Nick Paton Walsh, CNN: “Soldiers tell me that Russian strikes have decreased significantly in the last month, probably due to compromised supply lines.”

Vladimir Putin declared himself interested in resuming negotiations with Ukraine, the condition being that Donbas and Crimea are recognized as Russian. According to the independent website Meduza, Putin would be willing to personally take part in talks for a temporary truce and would be willing to withdraw his troops from the Kherson region. Where, by the way, the Russians have already been in a defensive posture for weeks.

Kiev claims that, in the past month, its forces have liberated more than 600 settlements from Russian occupation, 75 in the southern Kherson region alone.

Nick Paton Walsh, CNN: “Obviously, in the middle of winter they will no longer have the cover that these trees still provide. So they are caught in a race against time to prepare positions that will not be noticed by the Russian drones”.

Putin also declared that the mobilizations in Russia will end in two weeks. Remains to be seen! Men of conscription age are still being drafted into the army. At the airport of the Russian city of Ufa, the co-pilot of the flight to Antalya was taken to the check-in desk directly from the plane.

Since the Ministry of Defense did not provide even basic equipment, the new recruits ended up buying their own bulletproof vests for $640 a piece, more than triple compared to April.

Finally, on Friday, at the summit of the former Soviet republics in Astana, the president of Tajikistan, until recently one of Russia’s most loyal allies, allowed himself to criticize Vladimir Putin in front of the cameras.

Emomali Rahmon, the president of Tajikistan: “I was in the room when the dissolution of the Soviet Union was discussed. Then, as now, forgive me for saying, not enough attention was paid to small republics, to small nations. No attention! We have always respected the interests of the main strategic partner. But we also want respect! what are we Are we strangers? Or what? Let’s be serious! You need to invest in our countries. Billions and billions. But the investments would be recovered very quickly”.

The other day, when most nations of the world condemned Russia’s annexation of the 4 Ukrainian territories, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan abstained, and Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan did not vote at all.

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