October 2, 2022

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RADIO CONSTANTA – Competition for the position of GUARD

In accordance with the provisions of the Regulation on the organization of employment contests
of vacant execution positions within the SRR, approved by Order no. 555/2022 regarding the amendment and completion of OPDG no. 193/2019, Regulation on the organization of contests
occupation for an indefinite period of vacant execution positions within the SRR – republished,
http://www.srr.ro/regulamentum_organizarea_concursurilor_pe_perioada_nedeterminata-16120, Society Romanian Radio Broadcasting organizes, for the Constanța Territorial Studio in Mamaia, Villa no. 1, Constanța county, competition for a security guard position.

The general duties of the security guard can be found in Appendix I, attached.

Contest stages:,
 Stage I – selection of files – 06.09.2022
 Stage II – a – written test – 09.09.2022
 Stage III – the interview – 14.09.2022
Only candidates admitted to the previous stage can appear at the next stage of the competition.

The registration of the candidates, respectively the submission of the competition file and the submission of the evidence will be done at the headquarters of the Constanța Territorial Studio located in Mamaia, Villa no. 1, Constanța county, during the period 23.08.2022 – 05.09.2022, on working days, as follows:

– from Monday to Thursday between 9.00 and 16.00;
– Friday between 9.00 and 14.00.


– Law 333/2003 “Regarding the protection of objectives, assets, values ​​and the protection of individuals”, republished, with
subsequent changes and corrections;
– GD 301/2012, Methodological norms for the application of Law 333/2003, with the amendments made by GD
1002/20015, with subsequent amendments and corrections;
– Law 307/2006 “Regarding fire protection”, regarding fire protection; head.
I and II;
– Law 319/2006 “Regarding safety and health at work”;
– GD 971/2006 “Regarding the minimum requirements for safety and/or health signage at the conditions of
the work”;
– GD 1425/2006 for the approval of the Methodological Norms for the application of the provisions of the Security Law and
occupational health no. 319/2006.


– Security system and security device;
– Technical means used in security;
– Obligations and rights of security personnel;
– Duties and responsibilities of security personnel;
– Access to the objective, control of people, luggage and means of transport.

I. Conditions for participation in the contest: to be able to participate in the contest, candidates must
cumulatively fulfill the following conditions:

I.1 General conditions:
1. has Romanian citizenship, citizenship of other member states of the European Union or of the states belonging to it
of the European Economic Area and domicile in Romania, or fulfills the employment conditions on
the territory of Romania according to the law;
2. knows the Romanian language, written and spoken;
3. has the minimum age regulated by the legal provisions;
4. has full exercise capacity;
5. has a state of health corresponding to the position for which he is applying, attested on the basis of the certificate
medical certificate issued by the family doctor or the authorized health units;
6. has not been definitively convicted for committing a crime against humanity, against the state or against
the authority, of the service or in connection with the service, which prevents the administration of justice, falsely or of certain facts
of corruption or of a crime committed with intent, which would make it incompatible with the exercise of the function,
except for the situation in which rehabilitation took place;
7. is not in a situation of incompatibility with the position for which he is applying, in accordance with
the provisions of Law no. 41/1994, republished, with subsequent amendments and additions, as the case may be.

I.2 Specific conditions:
– general or secondary studies graduated with a diploma;
– certificate of professional qualification, security and order agent;
– certificate for exercising the occupation of security guard.

II. Documents required to register for the competition:

Competition file:
 the competition registration application, made available by the secretariat of the competition committee;
 copy of the identity document or any document certifying the identity, according to the law, as the case may be;
 copy of the document certifying the change of name, provided that the name in the documents
required for registration does not coincide with the one in the identity document;
 copies of documents certifying the level of studies and, possibly, the acquisition of specializations, the copies
documents certifying the fulfillment of specific conditions;
 criminal record valid on the date of supporting the competition stages;
 medical certificate certifying the appropriate state of health, issued by the family doctor
of the candidate or the authorized health units;
 European curriculum vitae, according to Government Decision no. 1021/2004;
 the agreement regarding the processing of personal data;
 declaration on his own responsibility that he is not in a state of incompatibility with the position for which
apply, in accordance with the provisions of Law no. 41/1994, republished, with amendments and additions
later, as the case may be.

The copies of the documents from the competition file will be presented accompanied by the original documents, which
they will be certified for compliance by the secretary of the competition commission.

For Romanian citizens who completed their studies abroad, as well as for citizens of the member states
of the European Union, other than Romania, who completed their studies in the country of origin, is necessary
the equivalence/recognition, according to the law, of the diplomas specified in the specific conditions of participation
at the contest.

At the same time, under the conditions in which the documents in the competition file are issued by other bodies
than those on the territory of Romania, they will be translated and legalized.
Candidates can obtain additional information regarding the competition file from the secretariat of the commission
contest, on working days, by phone no. 0241/511535 from Monday to Thursday, between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., Friday between
hours 9.00 – 14.00.

General job duties: GUARD

Position in COR: 962907
• Ensures the security of the buildings, assets and values ​​of the studio and their integrity;
• Respects and applies the provisions established by Law 333/2003 regarding the duties of the personnel of
security, as well as the internal regulations specific to SRR;
• Responsible for the manner of compliance and application of the access regime in the institution for all persons, on
the time he is on duty at the studio gate (monitoring the entrance/exit from the building and
preventing the entry of unauthorized persons);
• Authorizes the access of foreign persons only on the basis of identification and entry of data in the register
foreign persons access;
• Respects the records regime in the gate registers;
• He is responsible for the way he carries out his own activity during the shift related to the normative acts in
force, as well as the way of applying the services established by the superior hierarchical heads;
• Urgently informs the administrator and management of the Territorial Post about any event
indiscipline or security attack occurred during the execution of the service, as well as about
measures taken
• In case of fires, natural disasters, etc., act to save people and evacuate
goods and values
• Notifies the police in relation to any act likely to harm the station’s patrimony and participates in
actions taken by the police to catch criminals. In the case of flagrant crimes or a
other illegal acts, stop and hand over to the police the perpetrator, the goods or values ​​that are the object
the crime
• Receives daily direct mail and distributes it to the institution’s secretariat;
• Participates in solving common tasks established by the administrative coordinator for
material handling, maintenance and external cleaning of the objectives within the Territorial Post,
including snow removal in winter, or with the aim of preventing fires;
• Correctly use machines, equipment, tools, dangerous substances, transport equipment and
other means of production Correctly use the individual protective equipment granted and, after
use, returns it or puts it in the place intended for storage
• It does not proceed to take it out of operation, modify, change or remove it arbitrarily
own security devices, especially of machines, equipment, tools, technical installations
and buildings and use these devices correctly
• Ensures the permanent maintenance, regardless of the season, of the practicability of the escape routes
of Constanta RADIO Studio as well as access to water sources for extinguishing fires
(they will be clean and free of any obstacles so as not to hinder operative intervention
for extinguishing fires); ensures that circulations are maintained in a permanent state of use
horizontal and vertical such as doors, rooms, hallways, stairs, elevators and the like, of the studio.

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