May 28, 2023

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Putin’s mobilization is causing anarchy in Russia. Fierce fight between policemen and nervous recruits

For Russia, the series of failures on the Ukrainian front continues. The mobilization decreed a few days ago does not seem to be of much use to Vladimir Putin.

In a desperate attempt to stop the chaos in the Russian army, the Kremlin leader signed a decree on Saturday that provides for 10 years in prison for those who surrender or refuse to fight. Putin also changed the general responsible for supplying the army.

On the international level, the Kremlin gives signals on all channels that it could also use atomic weapons if Ukraine continues its offensive in the occupied regions after their annexation by Russia.

In Moscow, hundreds more people came out to protest in the city center against the partial mobilization decreed by Vladimir Putin a few days ago. The people were immediately jumped by law enforcement and taken to vans.

Protests also took place in Novosibirsk, a city in Siberia, where, briefly, locals sang and chanted for an hour. The gendarmes quickly cleared the area of ​​demonstrators.

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And in St. Petersburg, at least 46 people were arrested by law enforcement at an anti-mobilization rally.

Mobilization only with fists and feet

During this time, the mobilization of reservists continues in all regions of Russia. Incidents are the order of the day. In the city of Omsk, a full-scale fight broke out between the police and some nervous recruits, who asked them to go with them and die at the front.

A fight also broke out on Saturday in front of the recruitment center in the city of Peskov, close to the border with Estonia. Most of the incidents are caused by the consumption of alcohol.

There are also Russians who go to war with a smile on their faces, as some images show of a unit of reservists on their way to the training camp.

On the ground, however, the reality is as harsh as can be. Pictures of the rust-eaten weapons that new Russian soldiers received have surfaced on the Internet.

Elsewhere, some tankers received similarly rusty weapons on the grounds that they did not need new ones.

The scenes were captured in Dagestan, in the south of the Russian Federation. Wailing in despair, wives and mothers run past the buses to see their loved ones one more time.

Although the Kremlin has announced a partial mobilization, in which only reservists are called to war, there are increasing reports that students or elderly people without military training and even women are being drafted. In addition, many recruits are ethnic minorities from remote regions, probably also to lessen the impact in the big cities.

Mongolia appeals to ethnic minorities in Russia

In fact, the president of the World Federation of Mongols called on ethnic minorities in Russia, including Buryats, Kalmyks and Tuvans, to take refuge in Mongolia to escape the war.

Elbegdorj Tsakhia, President of the World Mongolian Federation: “We Mongolians welcome you with open arms and hearts! And to those forced to participate in Putin’s war, I say: don’t shoot your Ukrainian brothers and sisters, nor children and old people! Don’t destroy their freedom! Ukraine has the right to exist!”.

In the Russian-occupied regions of Eastern Ukraine, the so-called referendums continue, which should provide the pretext for the separatist territories to join the Russian Federation. To facilitate voting, teams of volunteers accompanied by soldiers moved from house to house with mobile ballot boxes and set up ad hoc polling stations in block stairwells or even on the street.

According to a Russian publication, Moscow plans to impose martial law if Ukraine continues to attack territories that Russia wants to illegally annex. And Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said yesterday that all laws, doctrines and strategies of the Russian Federation apply to its entire territory. Lavrov also promised full protection for any region annexed by Russia.

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Zelenskiy’s three promises to every surrendering Russian soldier: Better than dying like a criminal

President Volodymyr Zelensky said that Ukraine guarantees Russian servicemen who surrender civilized treatment, the secrecy of the circumstances of the surrender and the possibility not to return to Russia.

Russian soldiers

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Putin’s allies, worried about the “excesses” of military mobilization. Violent reactions from the Russian parliament

The heads of the two chambers of the Russian parliament are asking regional officials to keep the situation under control and quickly resolve the “excesses” that fueled public anger generated by the mobilization of soldiers to war.

recruit russia

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Putin’s mobilization. Drunk recruits lying on benches and refusing orders from superiors | VIDEO

New videos have been posted on social media, in which Russian conscripts are alleged to be drunk or behaving horribly towards superiors in Putin’s army.


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Ukraine denounces a new attack by Iranian drones on the city of Odessa

The port city of Odesa, in southern Ukraine, was attacked again with Iranian-made drones used by Russian forces, the Ukrainian military authorities announced on Sunday.

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Alarming statements made by Sergey Lavrov in New York. “Official Russophobia of the West is unprecedented”

Russian officials continue to stir up outrage.

Referendum Russia

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Annexation referendums in Ukraine continue for the third day in a row. The Russian parliament could pass an annexation on Thursday

Referendums on the annexation of eastern Ukraine to Russia continued on Sunday, for the third day in a row.

Liz Truss

Foreign news

British Prime Minister Liz Truss claims that allies must remain steadfast in their support for Ukraine

British Prime Minister Liz Truss said allies should remain firm on Ukraine and ignore Russian President Vladimir Putin’s attempts at intimidation.


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Israel will provide medical care to 20 Ukrainian soldiers wounded in the war

Israel’s embassy in Kyiv announced on Sunday that the Jewish state will take over 20 Ukrainian soldiers wounded during the war with Russian forces to provide them with medical care.

Jake Sullivan

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The US warns Putin of the “catastrophic consequences” of using nuclear weapons in Ukraine

The US will respond decisively to any Russian use of nuclear weapons against Ukraine and has told Moscow it will face “catastrophic consequences”, said Jake Sullivan, the White House’s national security adviser.

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