March 25, 2023

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Putin is slowly but surely losing the support of the population. The number of Russians who support the war in Ukraine is decreasing

More and more Russians want the war to end as soon as possible, and are worried that it could end up on the front.

This is not good news for Vladimir Putin who has always had strong popular support.

Russia is speeding up the mobilization, but it is being carried out with great difficulty and with little enthusiasm.

The Russian president directly asked his subordinates to quickly fix the mistakes, and send back home those who should NOT have been mobilized.

The Ukrainian army managed, during the night, to encircle the strategic city of Lîman, in the Donetsk region, according to pro-Russian sources. Around 2,000 Russian soldiers are said to be isolated here and at risk of being captured, although Putin has asked their commanders to fight to the last bullet. A rescue could come from newly mobilized units, but most are on the way or training.

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Russian state television broadcast footage of recruits training at training grounds in Ryazan or Moscow, where the Russian military prepares before being sent to Ukraine.

For many mobilized Russians, the reality on the ground is much harsher. It is the case of a unit that was left in the middle of a field, without food and without shelter at night.

Russian soldier: “No one was waiting for us. The luggage is on the floor. They promised us that by tomorrow morning… They didn’t give us tents, stoves. We sleep in the fields, the buses have gone, nobody needs us. N- we have money, nothing.. Piled here like sheep”.

More fortunate, other Russian servicemen were accommodated in a training center near Sochi, but even there the conditions left much to be desired.

Russian soldier: “This is the situation, folks, in Knyaz-Volkonka. These are our sinks. This is our shower.”

Vladimir Putin commented last night, for the first time, on the problems faced by the partial mobilization operation decreed on September 21. The blame fell on those in charge of recruitment, a sign that Putin is aware of the discontent among the population.

Vladimir Putin: “Many situations arise during mobilization. It is necessary to correct all mistakes and avoid making them again when it comes to civilians who, for example, are exempted (from mobilization). If there are errors, they must be corrected. It is necessary let’s send home those who were incorporated without reason”.

On another note, Russians of mobilization age are desperate to get out of the country as soon as possible. There are students, teachers, managers, engineers, IT-ists, but also entire families.

Man: “The last time I ate yesterday was at 3 in the morning. I am very tired. I have witnessed arguments, tears, it is very hard to bear. If we do not run now, I am afraid it will be too late. The regime changes the laws very quickly, you do not know what bring tomorrow”.

This man does not show his face because he left behind a wife and three children. Russia compiles lists of people leaving the country.

Those who did not have the patience to abandon their cars are stuck in endless queues on the Russian side of the border.

Alexandra is already in Tbilisi, receiving help from Georgian friends and hoping that the mobilization decreed by the Kremlin will be a moment of awakening for Russian society.

Alexandra: “It may sound cruel, but once more and more Russians lose their loved ones (in Ukraine), they will start to wake up.”

An opinion poll released Thursday shows that the number of Russians who support the war in Ukraine is falling. 56% of them are worried about what is happening, compared to 37% a month ago. In addition, more than half of Russians said they wanted the war to end as soon as possible.

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