October 2, 2022

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Putin claims he started the war in Ukraine “following the UN Charter, strictly”

On Tuesday, the Russian president used the International Security Conference, organized by his own defense ministry, to launch into a new plea regarding the West’s guilt and “moral obligation” for deciding to invade Ukraine. Putin insisted that the war in which tens of thousands of people died and millions left their homes was launched in “strict compliance and respecting the UN Charter”.

During the 10th International Security Conference in Moscow, Putin gave a speech in which he repeated the main lines of disinformation propagated by the Kremlin after February 24.

The dictator again invoked the “genocide” in Donbas, the noble purpose of the “Special Military Operation”, how he was “forced” to take the decision to invade and, for the first time, in a desperate attempt to justify the horrors committed by his soldiers in southeastern Ukraine, he spoke of “strict compliance” with the main act, also voted by the USSR, which establishes the rules of the post-war international order and condemns any form of violation of the treaties that established the borders, after the Second World War – UN Charter. The principle of inviolability is one of the most important pillars in this document.

Under the act, also recognized by Russian diplomacy and invoked only when it suits Kremlin bosses, no state can use force against another independent state to claim territory.

Paragraph (4) of art. 2 of the UN Charter provides:

1. “We must refrain from any action aimed at violating the national unity and territorial integrity of any other state or country.”

2. “The territory of a state should not be subject to military occupation resulting from the use of force, in violation of the provisions of the Charter.”

3. “The territory of a State shall not be subject to acquisition by another State as a result of the threat or use of force.”

Also, in accordance with art. 2, Chapter 1, of the same Charter, invoked by Putin: “All Members of the Organization shall resolve their international disputes by peaceful means, in such a way that international peace and security, as well as justice, are not endangered.”

In the same article it is stipulated that: “All Members of the Organization shall refrain, in their international relations, from resorting to the threat of force or its use either against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state or in any other way incompatible with the purposes of the United Nations.”

In the speech full of invectives against the West and the free world, Putin also found a new excuse for the war he started: “We made the decision to start the Special Military Operation in Ukraine, in strict compliance and respecting the Charter of the United Nations, the objectives of this operation were very clearly established – guaranteeing the security of the Russian Federation and our citizens, but also defending the citizens of Donbas from genocide”.

The dictator from the Kremlin also accused the USA of wanting to impose, by any means, its hegemony at the international level, of increasing the degree of instability at the European level and of “drawing” European states into new and new military alliances, and not only.

In the same speech, Putin also stated his main objective: “We must restore respect for international law and its basic principles, working to build a more democratic and free world, according to Ria Novosti. Of course, Putin also showed his “empathy” for a Europe that is “collapsing” and is unable to guarantee a decent standard of living for its citizens.

His speech is a new exercise in justifying the international isolation in which Russia has reached due to the outbreak of the war in Ukraine. The event, billed as a “major” one by Russian propaganda, which was supposed to be attended by more than 700 guests, including defense ministers and chiefs of staff from friendly countries, turned out to be just another stage from which Putin to seek legitimation for the invasion of Ukraine and to invent new enemies of the great Russian people who are not winning in Ukraine because the US “wants to prolong the conflict for as long as possible”, alluding to the latest weapons that the allies have decided to deliver government in Kyiv and which gave Putin’s army a lot of trouble.

Editor: Alexandru Rotaru

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