May 28, 2023

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Putin appealed for peace and goodwill to resolve the conflicts. What conditions he set

From Kazakhstan, the same Putin conveyed to the Russians that the partial mobilization will end in two weeks and that he no longer has plans for an additional call-up of reservists.

And even if in Ukraine, for five days, his missiles are destroying the cities, Putin called for peace and the use of goodwill to resolve conflicts.

We must strive to find ways out of the current situation, Putin said, addressing the leaders of the Commonwealth of Independent States, gathered in Astana in Kazakhstan. The Russian president also welcomed the mediation efforts of anyone who wishes, as long as they are aimed at mitigating the situation.

Putin: “As soon as (Russian) troops withdrew from Kyiv, the desire to negotiate with the authorities in Kyiv disappeared”

Vladimir Putin: “As soon as the (Russian) troops withdrew from Kyiv, the desire to negotiate with the Kyiv authorities immediately disappeared. That’s it. Well, if they think maturely about the situation, then probably the mediation efforts of everyone who has an interest in this will be called for as well.”

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Ministry of Defence

According to Kremlin sources, Putin is again talking about peace negotiations, but on his terms, meaning excluding Crimea and Donbass. All, presumably, to buy time for the preparation of a large-scale offensive early next year.

He also did not forget to call for unity in the fight against Nazism.

Putin’s proposal for 2025

Vladimir Putin: “And for 2025, we proposed to discuss the possibility of declaring the year of the 80th anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic War as the Year of Peace and Unity in the fight against Nazism. This, in the context of the attempts of some countries to erase from their memory the feat of the peoples of the USSR in saving humanity from the Nazi plague.”

Among the many topics he addressed in Astana, Putin also made considerations about Germany.

Vladimir Putin: “It is the choice (to deliver weapons to Ukraine) of some leaders who came to power legitimately, in a specific country, in this case Germany. Do they have to decide what is more important to them, to comply with any obligations in an alliance, or to follow the interests of their own peoples, their national interests? In the case of Germany, they prioritized their obligations towards NATO. Is it good or bad? I think it’s a mistake…”

And yet, in the past month, according to the government in Kyiv, Ukrainian forces have liberated more than 600 settlements from Russian occupation, including 75 in the southern region of Kherson, illegally annexed by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Russian-installed officials have made repeated appeals to the population to flee to Russia, due to shelling and the advance of Ukrainian forces.

Vladimir Saldo, the pro-Russian administrative head of the Kherson region: “The leadership of the Kherson administration has decided to provide the opportunity for Kherson families to travel to other regions of the Russian Federation for recreation and study. I suggested that all residents of the Kherson region should be able to take their children and leave.”

Kirill Stremousov, deputy head of the pro-Russian administration of the Kherson region: “Of course, the missiles are intended to hit residential buildings, hotels, markets. Where the ‘Ukrainian fascists’, the Nazis, can kill many civilians. Please call the emergency number announced and you will be directed to these humanitarian trips to the Russian Federation.”

“Putin has already lost and will continue to lose. He is driving more and more nails into his own coffin”, says a Russian paratrooper who deserted this summer and took refuge in France. Although he is aware that he is risking his life, he dared to publicly criticize Putin and the way Russian soldiers were sent to war in Ukraine.

Why the war between Russia and Ukraine won’t end soon

The war is far from over. Faced with huge losses at the front, the Russians announced that they wanted to upgrade 800 T62 tanks, which entered production in the 1960s. And the Kremlin’s pressure seems to have paid off in Belarus, where reports have emerged that a covert mobilization campaign of reservists has begun.

Leader Alexander Lukashenko has placed Belarus on the highest level of terror alert because of what he calls border tensions.

An Associated Press investigation has revealed a shocking Russian strategy to Russify orphaned children in Ukraine. From interviews with parents, children and officials in both Ukraine and Russia, journalists learned of the deportation of thousands of minors to Russia or Russian-occupied territories without consent. Often, the little ones were lied to that their parents no longer wanted them and were taken to orphanages in Russia or given up for adoption to families there.

Kiev denounces abuses and attempts to Russify the population in the occupied territories. However, Moscow claims that the adoption of Ukrainian children is an act of generosity.

Maria Lvova-Belova, Russian Commissioner for Children’s Rights: “It is very important that these children feel that they are full members of the Russian Federation, on the territory of Russia, as citizens of the Russian Federation. We’re not talking about adoption, we’re talking about guardianship, which helps us preserve the blood ties between these children and their relatives who remained in the territories.”

On the other hand, the controversial technology tycoon, Elon Musk, announced that SpaceX, his company, can no longer provide free Internet and communications services to Ukraine through the StarLink satellite network. SpaceX has signaled it could cut off satellite Internet and military use of StarLink satellites if the Pentagon doesn’t pay it tens of millions of dollars each month, CNN reported Thursday.

The costs of providing this service could reach $400 million over the next 12 months, according to SpaceX.

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